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Via Ferrata
Michielli Strobel

Mountain(s) / Location:
Punta Fiammes
Maximum Height:
2240 m / 7348 ft
Fletcher/Smith Rating: 3B  
Hofler/Werner Rating:   D  
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Situated just north of Cortina, this is another good route. It is not too long, and can be completed in about 5 to 6 hours at most. The ferrata climbs the western flank of a crag that forms part of the Pomagnon range of mountains. This western-most crag is known as the Punta Fiammes, and from the top there is a commanding view of the Cortina valley and the surrounding peaks. If you have just read about the Col Rosa Ferrata (E. Bovero), then to put that in perspective, this ferrata is directly across the valley from it, not more than a couple of kilometres horizontal distance.
Ferrata - Cortina area locator map
Annotated Topographic Map
Start of Ferrata Strobel
To start, park at a recreational complex just north of the turnoff that leads to the Olympia Campground (see topo map). From here, make your way east towards the cliff above you. You will encounter a railroad grade that has been converted into a gravel recreational pathway. Follow this north until you reach the signs that point to the Strobel ferrata. From here, a bit of steep switchbacking through forest and open talus leads to the start of the ferrata itself.
Ferrata Strobel and the Punta Fiammes
Punta Fiammes
Start of the Ferrata section, plaque
The ferrata is composed of a series of steep protected sections and not-so-steep paths connecting them. The route wanders back and forth up the flank. The route definitely has bits of level '3' difficulty (Fletcher/Smith), but it is broken up, with little stretches of steep stuff interspersed with footpath sections. Certainly not as hard or sustained as the Brigata Tridentina Ferrata, which is also level '3'.
courtesy markus
First ferrata section.
Markus, on Strobel Ferrata
Steep section, Strobel Ferrata
After many sections of wire rope and many sections of easy path, you reach the sloping summit area, which soon leads to the Punta Fiammes. It is truly an excellent vantage point. Cortina is laid out before your feet, and the Sorapis group is an awe-inspiring sight from here. Across the valley you can clearly see Col Rosa and even spot the holes of some of the summit fortifications.
Not so steep section, Strobel Ferrata
LAdder, Strobel Ferrata
Ladder, Strobel Ferrata
Ladder, Strobel Ferrata
Steep section, Strobel Ferrata
Summit, Punta Fiammes
courtesy markus
Andree, summit, Punta Fiammes
The descent route involves traversing north along a sort of high plateau for a bit until a weakness in the south face of the Pomagnon range is reached. This weakness, a steep talus gully, allows for a quick descent. Once at the bottom, a 4-way junction is reached. The signage/numberage on the signs and the routes that the paths take do not correspond well to what is marked on the Tabacco topo map. But in general head left and back around until you reach the railroad grade/recreational pathway again. Follow this back up to where you initially started and go down left to the parking area. Note: an alternative is to start at the Hotel Fiammes, and make a loop from there. By examining the topo map it should be obvious how to make that work.
Pomagnon range
Descent Gully
Old Railway house.
Interactive trackmap with photo points - Strobel Ferrata on Punta Fiammes - click map to view

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(*) Difficulty rating from the newer Cicerone Guide by Fletcher and Smith
(**) Difficulty rating from older Cicerone Guide by Hofler/Werner

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