Monday, May  30, 2016
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Goodnow Mountain Fire Tower Hike
An exploration of another short-but-good Adirondack hike - the climb to the excellent fire tower atop Goodnow Mountain.

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Arduous Allen
My first group hike with the Alpine Club of Canada is a relatively challenging one... a return to climb Mount Allen, one of the ADK 46's less attractive peaks.

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Forehead-Chin Loop - Mt Mansfield Ridge
A beautiful holiday Monday traverse of Vermont's Mount Mansfield - one of the Northeast's best places to experience extended open-alpine hiking.

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Whitney Canoe Loop - Algonquin Provincial Park
Shifty winds and changing conditions make for a strenuous 2016 season-opener canoe weekend in Algonquin Park.

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Middle Earth Meander - New Zealand 2016
Read the story of our journey to the island nation of New Zealand. A small but high-density destination, packed with all sorts of climate zones and landforms, we made the most of our time, enjoying the scenery on foot, on bicycle, by raft, by kayak, from the air, and by ferry. Even by luge kart!

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Spring Ice Climbing at Calabogie
A warm spring day on the ice at the cliffs of Calabogie. Roland's first leashless tool lead climb and Sara's excellent new $50 crampons.

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Spring ice spices up Noonmark
Winter of 2016 has turned out to be shorter and warmer than expected. On this, a beautiful spring-like day in the Adirondack Mountains, we enjoy an interesting and enjoyable hike up the still-icy flanks of Noonmark Mountain.

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Accelerated Ampersand
A fast morning hike of Ampersand Mountain in the Adirondacks with Brian and Jenn. Remarkably little snow on the ground, and remarkably calm and still on the summit. The white-streaked landscaped looked wintry, but it didn't much feel that way.

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The Preppy Hikes - Gatineau Park December Hikes
A series of easy local hikes in the nearby Gatineau Hills to help get mileage under our feet for our upcoming New Zealand trip.

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Roland and Stephanie's Semimoon
A trip to celebrate Roland and Stephanie's recent wedding. Usually a trip after a wedding is called a honeymoon, but that would be an incorrect characterization in this case, so let's call it a "semi-moon" instead. Highlights include the Cinque Terre, San Marino, Venice, Dolomites, Salzburg, Nuremberg and Rothenburg.

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Impressive Inversion, Unbelievable Undercast - Above the Clouds on Algonquin Peak
A fantastic and special day atop the second highest peak in NY State during an inversion event. The result: some of the best views I have seen in the Adirondacks in quite some time.

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Snowy Mountain
A climb up the nearly 4000-foot high fire-tower peak of Snowy Mountain, in the Southern Adirondacks. Although not a treeless summit, several interesting attractions along with a well-preserved fire tower make it worthwhile.

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Catamount Mountain
A quick jaunt up scenic and scrambly Catamount Mountain to test out Andy and Andrea's new boots. And, of course, to enjoy one of the Adirondack's best short hikes.

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Roland's Search for the Northern Window - Gatineau Park
Rambling about in the fall with Roland on non-official trails in the National Capital Region's Gatineau Park, in search of a secluded lookout called the Northern Window.

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13th Lake Loop and Peaked Mountain Climb
Fellow hiker Julie Moran takes us on a tour of the eastern Siamese Ponds Wilderness area in the Southern Adirondacks. Old Mines, secluded ponds, fall colors, and a low-but-scenic little summit.

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Marble Peak, Strathcona Provincial Park
A detailed description of the west ridge scramble route up Marble Peak in beautiful Strathcona Provincial Park, British Columbia.

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Vancouver Island, tip-to-tip
Come Experience our traipsing across Vancouver Island, end-to-end, side-to-side, and back-and-forth. Including for your viewing and reading pleasure are mountainous backpacks, island-threading sea kayaking, fun scrambling, sun-swept coastlines, rain-pelted coastlines, canoeing, campfires, hugging (lots of hugging), flipping, and many other 'ings.

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Grace Peak Slide Climb
Our inaugural hike-and-climb up Grace Peak and its nice north-west slide route since its official renaming. Also, and surprisingly, this was Pu's first ever ADK slide climb. Start point and approach was via route 73 and Boquet River valley.

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Volcano Quest - Glacier Peak
A break in the months-long drought-like conditions in the Pacific Northwest throws a wrench in our attempt to climb Mount Baker. Cue.... Volcano Quest 2015!

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Wright Peak for the Right Day
Despite a less-than-stellar forecast, we tackle Wright Peak in the Adirondacks. Fortunately, we do not get zapped off the mountain, and instead enjoy the bluster atop one of the Adirondack's nicer summits.

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