Monday, January  17, 2022
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Montagnes Noires de Ripon
A quick half-day exploration of a small hill park halfway between Ottawa and Quebec's Mont Tremblant area: The Montagnes Noires de Ripon.

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Sentiers Frontaliers - Marbre and Saddle
Our first visit to the border trails of the Sentiers Frontaliers in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Featuring the summits of Montagne de Marbre and Mont Saddle.

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Another Superior Coastal Trail - Pukaskwa National Park
Returning a year later to hike another long-distance trail along the edge of the world's largest lake - The Coastal Trail in Pukaskwa National Park.

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Gatineau Park YellowBox Loop
A medium-length loop in the less-visited north-western sector of Gatineau Park. Good variety and escarpment scenery.

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West-East Traverse of Gatineau Park
A medium-length hiking traverse of the width of Gatineau Park, from Lusk Falls to Wakefield.

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Mount Shuksan and Refresher Mountaineering Course with Alpine Ascents
Brian and I tackle one of the giants of the North Cascades - Mount Shuksan, under the auspices of our guide Tom from Alpine Ascents International. It's all part of our prep for our planned year 2000 attempt on Mount Rainier.

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Sampling the Cataraqui Trail
A short half-day autumn cycle along the middle section of Eastern Ontario's Cataraqui multi-use recreational trail.

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Smoky Rockies
A trip to the crisp, clear Canadian Rockies for a week of early fall scrambling turns out to be a bit less clear than we hoped.

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A Superior Coastal Trail - Lake Superior Provincial Park
A week-long visit to a beautiful stretch along the world's largest lake - The Coastal Trail in Lake Superior Provincial Park (Now with video).

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The Crazy Eight Solstice Hike (aka The Great Range Traverse)
Our intrepid hiking group finally attacks the classic super-hard Adirondack outing: The traverse of the Great Range! Was it easier or harder than expected? Read on to find out....

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Eardley Escarpment - South Window and The Gallery - Gatineau Park
Another exploration, this time of a different section of the Eardley Escarpment in Gatineau Park. More quiet herd paths, more sublime lookouts.

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Hitting the Highpoints - Calabogie Peaks Traverse
Exploring the network of trails that criss-cross the Calabogie Peaks area near Ottawa, Canada.

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Eardley Escarpment Loop - Gatineau Park
A cool and breezy day taking in a short, fun and diverse loop up and along the Eardley Escarpment near Ottawa, Canada.

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Dedication Full Loop - Frontenac Provincial Park
A hike of a loop in Frontenac Provincial Park that I have christened the 'Full Dedication Loop'. Part of the continuing series of hiking-near-home because of C19.

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Small Slide Lake Loop - Frontenac Provincial Park
A hike of the so-called small Slide Lake Loop in Frontenac Provincial Park is our first real hike outing after two months of pandemic downtime.

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Algonquin via the Northeast Face
An exploratory expedition up an entirely new (to me) off-trail ascent route in the Adirondacks - the Northeast Face of Algonquin Peak.

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Leap-Paneer at the Gilded Gander
Leap-Paneer 2020: A set of pictures from a great leap-year and Indian-themed comedy-and-art-and-food night at the Gilded Gander.

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In the Clear: Nut-less on Franconia Ridge Redux
In the Clear: The excellent Franconia Ridge loop hike, nine years after my and Chris Hatko's winter attempt was foiled by a missing crampon nut.

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Winter St Regis Firetower Sunrise Hike
On a cold, clear and still winter morning, a Twilight/Sunrise hike up Saint Regis Mountain and its fire tower.

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Nebulous Noonmark- Mist and Clouds on Noonmark Mountain
A mild but quite cloudy winter day sees me bringing a new group of hikers to tackle their first Adirondack Peak: scenic (or today, nebulous) Noonmark Mountain!

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