Sunday, February  18, 2018
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The First Brother
A quick hike to an excellent open set of bumps on the way to Big Slide known as The Brothers. Perfect as one of the shortest ways to get to a good view of the Lower Great Range and the Central High Peaks.

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In Memory of Dad
On this November 13 - my father's birthday - I'd like to release this set of images to commemorate him, four years after his passing in 2013. We miss you, Dad!

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NOrionids on Ampersand - Ampersand Mountain
A last-minute solo overnight mini-adventure up Ampersand mountain to view the peak of the Orionid Meteor shower. Not much in the way of meteors, but.... a very pleasant bivy on one of the Adirondack's best little peaks.

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Team Outing and Pete's Visit - Eardley Escarpment, Gatineau Park
Short set of images of a recent team dinner and subsequent hike.

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The Great American Eclipse Trip
A trip focused around the incredible experience of a Total Solar Eclipse - The Great American Solar Eclipse of August 2017. Also included are visits to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

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North and South Percy - Percy Peaks Loop
After driving by the New Hampshire North Country's interesting-looking Percy Peaks for years, I decide to finally pay them a proper visit.

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Ausable Valley Wanderings
In a bit of a switch, this is an Adirondack Mountain outing that stays down low, exploring the beautiful nooks of the Ausable Valley. There is much beauty available without hitting a high summit, and this hike proves it.

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The newcomers' hike - Jay Mountain
Increasing the roster of Adirondack hikers by four today with a hike up the perfect 'intro' peak of Jay Mountain.

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Frosty Mountain Loop - Manning Provincial Park, BC
Inclement weather forces us off our intended Howe Sound Crest backpack and onto the Frosty Mountain Loop in Manning Provincial Park, where we hope for drier and clearer conditions.

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Easy Cascade Climb - Snoqualmie Mountain
An easy climb up an accessible peak in the Cascade Mountains, on a solo day for me during my June northwest 2017 trip

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Volcano Quest II - Glacier Peak
After two years, a return attempt to the Glacier Peak wilderness in Washington State, where we once again tackle the south ridge route to the top of this wonderful wilderness volcano!

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Gothics and Pyramid from Lake Road
Wanted to get in a training hike for upcoming summer mountain trips, and a 20+ kilometer back-ascent to Gothics fit the bill.

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Journey to McKaskill Lake - Algonquin Provincial Park
We manage to wring out maximum enjoyment from a fairly rainy weekend in Algonquin Park, canoeing over three days from Shall Lake to McKaskill Lake and back.

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The Roof of Texas - Guadalupe Peak
On my very first visit to Texas, I waste no time and arrange a quick outing to the state highpoint - 8751-foot high Guadalupe Peak (dragging along some colleagues, of course).

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Pitchoff Ridge Traverse
A picture-perfect spring day traverse of Pitchoff Ridge, a low but very scenic ridgeline in the Adirondacks.

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Packing in four days of Southwest Canyon goodness around the 2017 Interconnect conference - it's... Intercannyonect!

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Giant via the Ridge Trail
A super-warm day, lots of fresh snow and racing clouds made for a pretty sweet ascent of Giant's scenic ridge trail.

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Calabogie Ice Climbing
A very pleasant intro to ice climbing for the 2016-2017 season at the crags at Calabogie. The ice was a bit thinner than usual but since we had the place mostly to ourselves, we had plenty of lines to climb.

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ACC Twilight Hike 3 - Wright Peak
Our third Alpine Club Twilight Hike outing - this time for sunrise, and this time to the open summit of Wright Peak. Cold, clear, far-ranging views.

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ACC Twilight Hike 2 - Cascade Mountain
Twilight Hike #2 - A beautiful undercast is the star of the show on the second Alpine Club twilight hike, to the top of Cascade Mountain in the Adirondacks.

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