Monday, May  25, 2020
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Small Slide Lake Loop - Frontenac Provincial Park
A hike of the so-called small Slide Lake Loop in Frontenac Provincial Park is our first real hike outing after two months of pandemic downtime.

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Algonquin via the Northeast Face
An exploratory expedition up an entirely new (to me) off-trail ascent route in the Adirondacks - the Northeast Face of Algonquin Peak.

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Leap-Paneer at the Gilded Gander
Leap-Paneer 2020: A set of pictures from a great leap-year and Indian-themed comedy-and-art-and-food night at the Gilded Gander.

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In the Clear: Nut-less on Franconia Ridge Redux
In the Clear: The excellent Franconia Ridge loop hike, nine years after my and Chris Hatko's winter attempt was foiled by a missing crampon nut.

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Winter St Regis Firetower Sunrise Hike
On a cold, clear and still winter morning, a Twilight/Sunrise hike up Saint Regis Mountain and its fire tower.

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Nebulous Noonmark- Mist and Clouds on Noonmark Mountain
A mild but quite cloudy winter day sees me bringing a new group of hikers to tackle their first Adirondack Peak: scenic (or today, nebulous) Noonmark Mountain!

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An Awesome Summer Appalachian Auto Adventure - SM2000 Edition
It's 2019, and Luke and I reprise our 2008 Appalachian Twisty road trip, but this time in the heat of summer, and hitting an excellent mix of known and new tarmac. Full 43-minute video now available.

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Bathurst Christmas Visit
A quick Christmas visit to my hometown of Bathurst, New Brunwsick.

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The Two Towers - Goodnow Mtn and Mt Arab
Goodnow Mountain and Mount Arab: A slightly-rushed two-fer twin-firetower hike with a beautiful twilight finish.

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Mount Jo at Sunset
A quick hike up Mount Jo in search of the spectacular twilight colors that can appear after an early winter (well, more like late autumn) sunset.

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Utah Fall 2019 - Willow Gulch and Death Hollow
Two very different outings, one easy and short, and the other long and arduous. But, both exceptionally beautiful.

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Perfect timing for peak fall Adirondack colors on a perfectly-suited moderate-elevation mountain: Poke-O-Moonshine

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Pitchoff Ridge - Above the Clouds Hike
An early fall above-the-clouds work hike along the varied, fun, and scenic Pitchoff Ridge traverse. At the very least, come on in to enjoy the views of the amazing flying Mouhcine!

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Volcano Quest III - Glacier Peak
Volcano Quest III: the detailed report of our third (and hopefully final) attempt on Glacier Peak. Come and read if Rosty and Brian and I finally make it to the top....

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The Dixes and Hough - An Enjoyable Horseshoe
An enjoyable big horseshoe around and over four of the five 46R peaks of the Dix Range. Highlights included many excellent lookouts peppered all over the ridgeline of the Dixes, and also the fun climb up the East Dix slide.

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Yellow Aster Butte Trail - Mt Baker Snoqualmie NF
Brian and Andrew undertake a half-day hike up a great little (well, little for the North Cascades) peak in Northwest Washington State: Yellow Aster Butte.

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Algonquin Loop via Avalanche Pass - Above the Clouds Hike
Another above-the-clouds work outing, this time a harder hike over Algonquin Peak and back through scenic Avalanche Pass. Rough trail in spots and a longer length than promised made this one an unexpectedly tiring adventure!

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Incontra i Parenti 2019 - Italy, Avellino, and the Perugini Family
My 95 year-old mom accepts a sibling offer to chaperone her over to Italy for a family visit.

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Jay Mountain
A beautiful summer day on the wonderful open ridgeline of Jay Mountain.

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Skylight From Elk Lake
A deliberately long-way climb of Skylight, one of the Adirondacks' highest and remote peaks. All in the service of training Brian and I for an upcoming out-west trip.

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