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This page lists all of the 'minor', smaller-scale outings or trips I've taken over the past few years. The image galleries of these trips are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent ones at the top. If you are looking for a particular outdoors & travel image gallery and you can't find it on this page, then it is probably a larger trip - and you can find all of those on my outdoors trip reports page.
March 13: Wright Peak
March 5: Bear Den and Flume
December 28: Montagnes Noires de Ripon
November 13: Sentiers Frontaliers - Marbre and Saddle
July 18: Gatineau Park YellowBox Loop
July 11: West-East Traverse of Gatineau Park
October 3: Sampling the Cataraqui Trail
June 28: Eardley Escarpment - South Window and The Gallery - Gatineau Park
June 7: Hitting the Highpoints - Calabogie Peaks Traverse
May 31: Eardley Escarpment Loop - Gatineau Park
May 24: Dedication Full Loop - Frontenac Provincial Park
May 16: Small Slide Lake Loop - Frontenac Provincial Park
March 7: Algonquin via the Northeast Face
February 15: In the Clear: Nut-less on Franconia Ridge Redux
February 9: Winter St Regis Firetower Sunrise Hike
February 2: Nebulous Noonmark- Mist and Clouds on Noonmark Mountain
December 7: The Two Towers - Goodnow Mtn and Mt Arab
November 23: Mount Jo at Sunset
October 13: Poke-O-Moonshine
September 21: Pitchoff Ridge - Above the Clouds Hike
August 24: The Dixes and Hough - An Enjoyable Horseshoe
August 18: Algonquin Loop via Avalanche Pass - Above the Clouds Hike
August 8: An Awesome Summer Appalachian Auto Adventure - SM2000 Edition
July 15: Yellow Aster Butte Trail - Mt Baker Snoqualmie NF
July 7: Jay Mountain
June 23: Skylight From Elk Lake
June 9: Catamount Mountain - Above the Clouds Hike
March 17: Brian's Saint Patty's Phelps Climb
March 1: PUP Hike - Ampersand Mountain
February 23: Prep Hike 1 - Katie climbs King Mountain
February 10: Cascade Mountain
January 26: Hurricane Mountain - The New Route
October 14: Bald Peak - A Leaf-Peeper Hike
August 26: Mt Lafayette - Greenleaf-Skookumchuck Loop
August 11: Catamount Mountain - Perseids Overnight
May 21: Catamount Mountain
March 11: Ampersand Mountain
February 17: Algonquin Loop from South Meadows
December 2: The First Brother
October 20: NOrionids on Ampersand - Ampersand Mountain
October 19: Team Outing and Pete's Visit - Eardley Escarpment, Gatineau Park
August 6: North and South Percy - Percy Peaks Loop
July 30: Ausable Valley Wanderings
July 9: The newcomers' hike - Jay Mountain
June 17: Frosty Mountain Loop - Manning Provincial Park, BC
June 14: Easy Cascade Climb - Snoqualmie Mountain
May 21: Gothics and Pyramid from Lake Road
May 12: Journey to McKaskill Lake - Algonquin Provincial Park
April 21: The Roof of Texas - Guadalupe Peak
April 14: Pitchoff Ridge Traverse
February 19: Giant via the Ridge Trail
January 29: Calabogie Ice Climbing
January 14: ACC Twilight Hike 3 - Wright Peak
December 4: ACC Twilight Hike 2 - Cascade Mountain
November 12: ACC Twilight Hike - Jay Mountain
October 8: Fall Fiesta Trio - Silver Lake Mountain, The Crows, Baxter Mountain
September 19: The King-King Hike - Gatineau Park
September 2: Catfish Lake Canoe Loop - Algonquin Provincial Park
August 20: Pacific Crest Trail from Sonora Pass to Lake Latopie
August 19: Mount Conness via East Ridge, Sierra Nevada
July 24: Hey Hey, Haystack - Mount Haystack
July 17: Short and Steep - Catamount Mountain
May 29: Goodnow Mountain Fire Tower Hike
May 28: Arduous Allen
May 26: Simply Blue - The Journey Home
May 23: Forehead-Chin Loop - Mt Mansfield Ridge
May 6: Whitney Canoe Loop - Algonquin Provincial Park
March 27: Spring Ice Climbing at Calabogie
March 12: Spring ice spices up Noonmark
January 17: Accelerated Ampersand
December 12: The Preppy Hikes - Gatineau Park December Hikes
December 5: Impressive Inversion, Unbelievable Undercast - Above the Clouds on Algonquin Peak
November 21: Snowy Mountain
November 8: Catamount Mountain
October 18: Roland's Search for the Northern Window - Gatineau Park
October 3: 13th Lake Loop and Peaked Mountain Climb
August 22: Grace Peak Slide Climb
July 30: Marble Peak, Strathcona Provincial Park
July 19: Wright Peak for the Right Day
June 27: Trap Dike and New Slide, Mt Colden
June 14: Seward Range via Calkins Brook - Seward, Donaldson, and Emmons
May 18: Mckenzie Range Loop: Moose and McKenzie Mountains
May 8: Godda Lake Canoe Loop from Shall Lake - Algonquin Provincial Park
May 3: Springtime Whiteface Ascent
April 19: An Overly Soft Traverse of Rocky Peak Ridge
March 29: Catamount Mountain
March 7: Quick bit of pre-spring Ice Climbing at Calabogie
March 1: Searching for Ice In Gatineau Park's Hidden Valley
February 16: Across the Frozen Face - Mt Mansfield Ridge Loop
January 31: Chilly Street and Frozen Nye
December 20: Porter-Cascade - A Winter Solstice Traverse
December 14: Early Season Ice at Cabin Creek
September 7: Jay Mountain - The new trail (and the real summit)
July 19: Giant Mountain via the North Trail (along with Hopkins Mountain)
June 22: Again Ampersand Again - Ampersand Mountain
May 16: Cedar and Catfish Lakes Canoe Loop via the Petawawa and Nipissing Rivers - Algonquin Provincial Park
April 6: Crampy Calves, Concrete Conditions: A Toilsome Climb of Mt Colden's Trap Dike
April 1: Fresh Perspectives on Gothics, Armstrong, and Upper Wolfjaw
March 30: Spring Ice Climbing at the crags near Calabogie
March 23: Final Ski of the Year - Gatineau Park Cross-Country Skiing, trails 15 and 5.
March 8: Seymour Mountain - Harold's Long Walk to W46-dom
February 17: Winter Pitchoff Ridge Traverse
February 8: Birthday Celebration on ice at Montagne D'Argent - Ice Climbing
December 26: Snowshoeing King Mountain with the Hyndmans
November 16: Yard and Big Slide Mountains
September 1: Up Close and Personal on Gatineau Park's Wolf Trail
August 17: Shepherd's Tooth in Summer - plus Iroquois, Algonquin, and Wright
July 25: Parc de la Haute Gaspésie - Tour du Mont Albert and Mt Olivine
July 22: Mount Carleton - The high point of New Brunswick, and the Maritimes
May 10: Achray to Squirrel Rapids Canoe - Barron Canyon - Algonquin Provincial Park
May 5: Climb of the Great Gully Route, King Ravine (+ Mt Adams)
March 31: Mount Moosilauke via Beaver Brook Trail
March 30: A Snowy, Springy Catamount
March 30: Surprising Snow Mountain
March 29: Ice Climbing at Heffalump, Gatineau Park
March 17: A Saint Patty's Hurricane - Hurricane Mtn via North Approach
February 25: Mt Jackson via Webster Cliff Trail
January 26: Mount Marshall from Upper Works
January 5: King Mountain Snowshoe
October 11: An Engaging Team Hike - Noonmark Mountain
September 9: Griffith Uplands Trail - Greater Madawaska, Ontario
September 1: A Traverse of Esther and Whiteface Mountains
August 12: The Quest: Hoffman Mountain
June 16: Wright Peak
May 19: Pinnacle Ridge and Blake Peak
March 17: Cabin Weekend in the Adirondacks
February 4: A Fine Winter Climb of Mount Marcy
January 22: Winter loop hike of Whiteface and Esther
November 6: Roland does the Wolf Trail - Gatineau Park
October 9: North Brother and Fort Mountains, Baxter State Park, Maine
July 15: Mount Abraham via Firewarden's Trail - Longfellow Mountains, Maine
June 4: Noonmark Mountain - Round Mountain Loop
May 22: Wright Peak
March 9: The Gear Domino: Nut-less on Franconia Ridge
February 20: Fine Winter day on Jay Peak
October 23: Dixes minus One: East Dix (Grace), South Dix (Carson), Macomb and Hough via Boquet River Approach
October 9: Hopkins Mountain via Mossy Cascade
September 20: Traverse of the Rangeley-Stratton Section of the AT
September 11: Rocky Peak Ridge Traverse
August 22: Whitewater Rafting on the Red River
August 1: Mount Redington, Maine
July 31: Mount Monroe via Glen Boulder and Ammonoosuc Ravine Trails
June 8: Cascade Mountain Team Hike
May 24: Mount Isolation via Montalban Ridge and Boott Spur
March 27: McKenzie Mountains Traverse
March 6: A Sunny Winter Colden Loop
February 6: King Mountain Snowshoe
January 10: Mount Madison Loop (via Osgood and Daniel Webster Trails)
January 9: King Mountain Snowshoe
November 22: The Wildcats and Wildcat Ridge
October 18: The Gatineau Park Road Bike Loop
October 10: A South-North Pemigewasset Traverse - Bonds, Twins, Guyot and Zealand - White Mountains
August 16: Owls Head Redux - White Mountains
July 5: Owls Head - White Mountains
June 27: A Liquidy Lower Great Range Loop
May 18: Nun-da-ga-o Ridge
March 14: Cliff via Flowed Lands
February 15: The Shepherd's Tooth
February 7: Eisenhower and Pierce
January 1: A Very Kinsman New Year
November 30: A Loop Hike of Flume and Liberty
November 2: Mt Carrigain via Signal Ridge
October 13: The Dragon's Tooth
September 20: West-to-East Traverse of Rocky Ridge
August 31: Traverse of Porter and Cascade Mountains
August 4: A Waterlogged Tripyramids Loop
July 27: Ampersand Mountain with Asmir and Miriam
July 15: Between Farmers' Fields - The Highest point in P.E.I.
July 13: White Hill - The Highest point in Nova Scotia
July 12: Hike to Cape Split, Nova Scotia
July 10: A Loop of the Hancocks - Hancock Mountain
May 25: Lyon of the North (Mt Lyon)
March 29: The 2008 ADK Winter 46r Dinner
February 23: Success! Finishing the Winter 46 on Haystack Mountain
February 16: The Final Countdown - Gray, Skylight and Marcy
February 3: An Intro to Winter on Cascade Mountain
January 26: Winter Climb of the Trap Dike on Mt Colden
January 19: Mount Allen Winter Climb
January 4: Trailbreaking Marshall and Cliff
December 27: Winter Ascent of Tabletop
December 26: Winter Ascent of Giant Mountain and Rocky Peak
December 22: Winter Ascent of Whiteface and Esther
November 10: A Traverse of the Bigelow Range
November 5: Meeting a Legend - An Evening with Fred Beckey
October 21: The Two Gs: Garfield and Galehead
October 17: A team-building mountain hike - Noonmark Mountain.
October 6: Dad in the 'Daks - A Quick Climb of Mount Jo
September 23: The 47th Peak - MacNaughton Mountain
September 8: Visiting with the Wards, and Mount Hale
September 2: The Carters
July 1: Colden Slides!
June 16: Whiteface and Passaconaway
June 3: Killington Peak
June 2: Visiting Mark and Linda
May 26: Sailing with Roland
May 19: Day hiking at Algonquin Park - Centennial Ridges, Lookout, and Spruce Bog
April 21: Franconia Ridge
March 25: Ice climbing at Calabogie
March 24: 2007 Winter 46er Dinner
March 18: Dix, Hough, and three new Winter 46ers
March 13: Basin and Saddleback via Chicken Coop Brook
March 11: Two Slides in a Day
February 24: A Traverse of Gothics and Armstrong
February 11: Winter Climb of Mount Redfield
January 21: Santanonis in Winter
January 7: Big Slide Winter 2007
December 31: Sawteeth 2006
December 29: Wright Peak 2006
December 10: Lafayette on a windy day
November 25: The Great Slide of East Dix
November 18: Osceolas and Tecumseh
November 4: The Catskills - Slide Mountain and Hunter Mountain
October 21: Attempt on the Great Slide of East Dix
October 7: Mount Waumbeck and Mount Cabot
September 30: Notch Mountain Slabs
September 17: Notch Mountain Slabs
September 2: The Willey Range
August 26: Sailing with Roland
August 5: New Brunswick and Gaspe
July 20: The Stawamus Chief
July 20: Weekend family visit on Vancouver Island
July 17: Mount Garibaldi
June 24: Jay Peak
June 17: Roostercomb
June 3: Ishpatina Ridge - The Highpoint of Ontario
May 7: Cannon Mountain and North Kinsman Mountain
April 30: Noonmark Round 2006
April 9: Marshall Loop
March 5: Colvin Blake 2006
February 19: Wolfjaws
February 12: Street and Nye
January 29: Winter Seymour Mountain Ascent
January 22: Celebrities on the Sewards (Sewards via Caulkins Brook)
January 15: Porter Traverse
January 4: Dial and Nippletop Mountains
December 27: Dial Mountain Failed Attempt
December 18: Giant Mountain December 2005
December 10: Catamount December 2005
November 27: Near Failure on Tabletop Mountain
November 12: Mount Mansfield Traverse
October 30: Attempt on Jay Peak
October 22: The Monroe Skyline - Ellen and Abraham
October 15: Wolf Trail, Gatineau Park
October 10: Big Slide via the Brothers
August 21: Pu Guides Charleston Lake
August 14: Camel's Hump
August 6: Whiteface Mountain and Esther Mountain
June 19: Pu's intro hike on Ampersand Mountain
June 10: Maine Mountain Visit - Katahdin and Old Speck
May 7: Meghans First Hike - Cascade Mountain
April 16: Mount Adams Redux
March 19: Climb to the Mount Adams Fire Tower
March 19: Phelps 2005
March 13: Gatineau Park Ridge Road Ski Traverse
March 5: Indian Head and a Broken Snowshoe
February 27: Mount Mansfield via Sunset Ridge
February 13: Ice Climbing at King Mountain
February 6: Algonquin and Iroquois Peak Loop
December 12: Wright Peak 2004
November 27: Ampersand Mountain
November 20: Pitchoff Ridge Traverse
November 13: Mount Moriah
October 3: Becoming a 46er - Gray Peak and Marcy Traverse, plus Tabletop
July 11: Dixes 2004
June 26: The Crazy Eight Solstice Hike (aka The Great Range Traverse)
June 20: Catamount Mountain
May 30: Sewards 2004
April 17: A Traverse of Mount Moosilauke
March 21: Gothics via Lake Road
March 13: Hurricane Mountain 2004
February 29: Cliff Mountain Winter Route, Second Attempt
February 8: Esther Mountain Bushwhack
January 25: Sewards 2004
January 17: Failed Attempt on Cliff Mountain
January 10: Rocky Peak Ridge Winter Traverse 2004
December 13: Cascade Mountain
November 16: Big Slide and Yard 2003
November 2: Allen Mountain
October 18: Mount Redfield
September 27: Seymour Mountain
September 13: Colden via Trap Dike
August 31: Colvin and Blake
August 24: The Santanoni Peaks
July 12: Rocky Peak Ridge Traverse
June 22: Phelps Mountain via South Meadows
March 8: Mount Marshall via ADK Loj
March 1: Tabletop Mountain, Take II
February 14: Whiteface Winter Backpack
January 25: Mt Colden Winter Hike
January 12: Tabletop Mountain
November 16: McKenzie Mountain
October 22: Mt King Team Hike
September 2: Nun-Da-Ga-O Ridge
September 1: Camels Hump
July 13: Noonmark Traverse
July 6: Street and Nye
July 1: Big Slide Hike
June: 2002 Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour
May 2: Hometown Images - Bathurst, New Brunswick
March 24: Porter-Cascade Traverse
February 16: Mount King Snowshoe
February 9: Hurricane Mountain
November 17: 2001 Leonid Meteor Storm
November 4: Ampersand Mountain, November 2001
September 22: Rockies Mountaineering - Mt Athabasca - Yamnuska Snow + Ice Long Weekend
September: Italy 2001
August 5: The Crawford Path
July 14: Franconia Ridge
June 1: 2001 Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour
May 1: Desert Southwest 2001
February 24: Wright Peak 2001
August 26: Macomb Hough and the Dixes 2000
June 24: Skylight Mountain 2000
May 21: Basin and Saddleback 2000
May 1: Desert Southwest 2000
February 13: Porter Cascade 2000
December 11: Algonquin 1999
October 2: Rocky Peak Ridge 1999
October 1: Desert Southwest 1999
July 1: Haystack 1999
June 6: Colvin 1999
May 15: Dix 1999
May 25: Gothics 1998
April 25: Wright Peak 1998
May 17: Big Slide 1997
May 3: Mount Phelps 1997
October 5: Sawteeth 1996
June 1: Algonquin Iroquois 1996
May 5: Giant 1996
May 21: Adams Madison 1995
April 30: Porter - Cascade Traverse
October 1: Wolfjaws and Armstrong 1994
September 24: Mount Marcy 1994
July 3: Colden 1994
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