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Game Results

December 28, 2014 History of the World Game
(Gord, Tracey, Andy, Gilbert, Andrew, Jennifer)

September 24, 2006 History of the World Game
(David S, Richard S, Gilbert, Andrew, Jennifer)

December 26,2004 Civilization Game
(Gilbert, Andrew, Gord, Asmir)

January 27, 2002 Advanced Civilization Game
(Gord, Gilbert, Andrew, Jean, Luke, Jeff, Geoff)

February 10 , 2002 Titan Game
(Andrew, Gilbert, Dave)

February 23, 2002 History of the World Game
(Paul, Luke, Rob, Gilbert, Dave, Andrew)

March 23, 2002 History of the World Game
(DaveR, Dave S, Andrew, Gilbert, Geoff, Luke)

April 27 , 2002 Seafarers of Catan Games
(DaveR, Dave S, Andrew, Gilbert)

Oct 14, 2002 Wizard's Quest Game
(Dave S, Andrew, Gilbert)

Oct 14, 2002 Titan Game
(Dave S, Andrew, Gilbert)

December 31, 2002 Civilization Game
(Gilbert, Andrew, Luke, Geoff)

Advanced Civilization - Rules

For those familiar with regular Civilization, but not the advanced version, I've put together a summary of the differences between the two:

Civilization vs. Advanced Civilization - Rule Differences

Advanced Civilization - Player Mat

My Advanced Civilization game came with only 6 cheapy-photocopied player mats. I've created a new player mat by scanning and modifying the one from regular civilization.

This image is available for download in three formats / size combinations:

  Dimensions (pixels) Size (kb)  
Small .gif 1193 x 603 209kb [Download]
Large .gif 2370 x 1209 1053kb [Download]
Large .jpeg 2370 x 1209 285kb [Download]

Agricola Compendium 0.9 reference

A web-referenceable Agricola Improvement and Occupation reference and clarification guide.

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