Wednesday, June  19, 2024
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The Great North American Eclipse
The 2024 Great North American Solar Eclipse! An amazing event, right in our own backyard (so to speak). How was our view of 2024's premiere astronomical event? Click to find out...

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Cascade-Porter Traverse - in the downhill direction
A winter downhill run of a mini-traverse classic of the Adirondacks: the Cascade-Porter traverse.

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Lower Wolfjaw - Brian's W30
Resuming Brian's quest for his ADK winter 46 in 2024 with a seemingly straightfoward loop of Lower Wolfjaw, the lowest of the 4000-footer peaks of the Great Range.

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The Dolomites
It's been a long time since we undertook a focused trip to the ranges of the Dolomites in the Italian Alps. Brian and I introduce the Hatko family to the unique experience of free-range Via Ferrata climbing in a spectacular landscape of crags and towers.

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The Fundy Footpath
An account of the full traverse of New Brunswick's Premiere long-distance backpacking route, tracing along one of the longest remaining stretches of uninhabited coastline in eastern North America. Now with an accompanying full-length video.

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Upper Wolfjaw, Armstrong and Gothics - Brian's W27, W28, and W29
A scenic knockout: A beautiful late winter hike over three peaks of the Great Range, including fabulous Gothics - to finish my friend Brian's winter hiking season with his 27th, 28th, and 29th winter Adirondack 46R summits.

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Tabletop - Brian's W26
Another nice late winter day allows us to summit Tabletop in perfect conditions for Brian's 26th winter Adirondack 46R summit.

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Big Slide - Brian's W25
A beautiful sunny day after big dumps of snow mean a soft, ice-free track all the way from trailhead to the summit of Big Slide Mountain - A climb in support of Brian's 25th winter Adirondack 46R summit.

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Nippletop and Dial - Brian's W23 and W24
Extremely excellent conditions on a scenic loop over Nippletop and Dial Mountains, and in the process, helping friend Brian achieve his 23rd and 24th winter Adirondack 46R summits.

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Eardley Escarpment Team Hike Gatineau Park
A perfect winter snowshoe outing along a herdpath favorite of mine in Gatineau Park, shared with my great team members!

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Sunset on Hurricane
A third sunset-and-twilight hike for the 2022-2023 winter season, taking in the view of a sunset from the well-positioned open summit of Hurricane Mountain.

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Sunset on Noonmark
A sunset-and-twilight hike up short-but-steep Noonmark mountain on a mild and clear late-November day.

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Sunset on Ampersand
A sunset-and-twilight hike up solitary Ampersand mountain on a chilly, snowy and bright mid-November day.

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NunDaGaO Ridge combined with the Crows
A visit to the low but beautiful and interesting NunDaGaO Ridge. And this time, we tack on an ending that leads over the Crows, descending down into the last pockets of brilliant fall colors in the Adirondacks for 2022.

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Giant Mountain via Ridge Trail
An excellent intro hike for three new Adirondack hikers: The Ridge Trail on Giant Mountain!

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The Escalante MissMash
A Post-Covid return to Southern Utah, where we undertake a five-day agglomeration of various bits and pieces of Escalante greatness. I wanted to call it 'The Escalante MishMash', but ended up having to call it 'The Escalante MissMash'. You'll see why when you read the report!

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Remembering Anna and Aurele
A video and images of the celebration, in early July of 2022, of my now-departed parents.

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Jay Mountain
Cool summer beauty: A perfect cool summer day on the beautiful ridgeline of Jay Mountain.

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Wright Peak
A blustery late-winter visit to Wright Peak - one of the Adirondack's excellent alpine summits.

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Bear Den and Flume
A neat little hike up two interesting little subsummits of Whiteface Mountain: Bear Den and Flume. This trip also marks the end of a long two-year Covid hiatus from the Adirondacks.

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