Wednesday, August  17, 2022
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Remembering Anna and Aurele
A video and images of the celebration, in early July of 2022, of my now-departed parents.

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Jay Mountain
Cool summer beauty: A perfect cool summer day on the beautiful ridgeline of Jay Mountain.

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Wright Peak
A blustery late-winter visit to Wright Peak - one of the Adirondack's excellent alpine summits.

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Bear Den and Flume
A neat little hike up two interesting little subsummits of Whiteface Mountain: Bear Den and Flume. This trip also marks the end of a long two-year Covid hiatus from the Adirondacks.

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New Front Page Design
Welcome to the restyled front page of! Please let me know if you find any glitches (via the contact link). If you are on the desktop page, you can use the 'switch to classic' link to go back to the old main page.

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Montagnes Noires de Ripon
A quick half-day exploration of a small hill park halfway between Ottawa and Quebec's Mont Tremblant area: The Montagnes Noires de Ripon.

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Sentiers Frontaliers - Marbre and Saddle
Our first visit to the border trails of the Sentiers Frontaliers in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Featuring the summits of Montagne de Marbre and Mont Saddle.

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Another Superior Coastal Trail - Pukaskwa National Park
Returning a year later to hike another long-distance trail along the edge of the world's largest lake - The Coastal Trail in Pukaskwa National Park.

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Gatineau Park YellowBox Loop
A medium-length loop in the less-visited north-western sector of Gatineau Park. Good variety and escarpment scenery.

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West-East Traverse of Gatineau Park
A medium-length hiking traverse of the width of Gatineau Park, from Lusk Falls to Wakefield.

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Mount Shuksan and Refresher Mountaineering Course with Alpine Ascents
Brian and I tackle one of the giants of the North Cascades - Mount Shuksan, under the auspices of our guide Tom from Alpine Ascents International. It's all part of our prep for our planned year 2000 attempt on Mount Rainier.

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Sampling the Cataraqui Trail
A short half-day autumn cycle along the middle section of Eastern Ontario's Cataraqui multi-use recreational trail.

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Smoky Rockies
A trip to the crisp, clear Canadian Rockies for a week of early fall scrambling turns out to be a bit less clear than we hoped.

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A Superior Coastal Trail - Lake Superior Provincial Park
A week-long visit to a beautiful stretch along the world's largest lake - The Coastal Trail in Lake Superior Provincial Park (Now with video).

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The Crazy Eight Solstice Hike (aka The Great Range Traverse)
Our intrepid hiking group finally attacks the classic super-hard Adirondack outing: The traverse of the Great Range! Was it easier or harder than expected? Read on to find out....

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Eardley Escarpment - South Window and The Gallery - Gatineau Park
Another exploration, this time of a different section of the Eardley Escarpment in Gatineau Park. More quiet herd paths, more sublime lookouts.

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Hitting the Highpoints - Calabogie Peaks Traverse
Exploring the network of trails that criss-cross the Calabogie Peaks area near Ottawa, Canada.

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Eardley Escarpment Loop - Gatineau Park
A cool and breezy day taking in a short, fun and diverse loop up and along the Eardley Escarpment near Ottawa, Canada.

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Dedication Full Loop - Frontenac Provincial Park
A hike of a loop in Frontenac Provincial Park that I have christened the 'Full Dedication Loop'. Part of the continuing series of hiking-near-home because of C19.

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Small Slide Lake Loop - Frontenac Provincial Park
A hike of the so-called small Slide Lake Loop in Frontenac Provincial Park is our first real hike outing after two months of pandemic downtime.

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