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Tragedy in the Torngats
Susan Barnes and Daniel Pauze had begun the journey of their lives. What went wrong in the sub-arctic wilderness of the Torngat Mountains?
Dan & Sue's Journey
A chronology of the events leading up to and after Dan and Sue's disappearance.
The Torngat Private Search Expedition
The centerpiece of this web page. The detailed story of the journey to try and find Dan and Sue - The planning, execution, and aftermath of a remarkable gathering of myself and seventeen other volunteer searchers.
Documenting the Documentors
An image collage of the work done to record the raw footage for a film documentary of this story.
Missing in the Torngats Documentary
The result of Andy and Francois' (and others) work is this 22-minute documentary, available for viewing via youtube.
A song for Dan & Sue
Labrador singer and songwriter Richard Neville's wife was one of the last people to meet with Dan and Sue, as they were on their way north through Goose Bay. "Inuit Skies", the first track on his album "Old Souls", is a song he wrote about them. You can listen to the song by clicking on the play button (triangle) below.

Images from the North Team
While I was with the south team, nine others were busy on the north side of the mountain. Here's an image collage of some of their exploits.
Dan & Sue's Memorial
Dan and Sue's parents commission a plaque that was installed in the summer of 2005 by George Luste - an avid member of an online backcountry canoeing website that Dan frequented.
Climbing Mount Caubvick / D'Iberville
My own version of a guide to climbing Mount Caubvick / D'Iberville. Includes summit routes, approaches, maps, and, of course, lots of pictures.
Map and Graph Repository
A library of map and graph-related images from our trip and of the Mount Caubvick/D'Iberville area.
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