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Documenting the Documenters
In the final weeks and days before the search expedition left for the Torngats, private producer Andy Pedersen managed to secure funds to do some initial work on a film documentary about the story of Susan and Dan and the search expedition. I thought I'd devote a page to my documenting of the documenting...
Francois documents harness
Francois gets a hotel shot
Andy talking with Roland
Jim and Katherine's Interview
Detailed interview with Roland
Cast and Crew
Francois, filmographer extraordinaire.
All aboard
Andy capturing the planes
Andy, Francois and Roland
Francois makes Luc a junior filmmaker
Watch that camera
Mid-backpack interview
Our basecamp
Roland discusses with Francois
Roland opens up the gear
The photographer is always thinking
Francois on Duty
Francois collects Roland's thoughts
Francois films a possible clue
Francois captures the helicopter ride
Francois documentarizing
Francois documentarizing
Always capturing the moment!
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