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References & Guidebooks
Up until 2005, I used the Hofler / Werner ferrata guidebook in my travels in the dolomites. It served me well enough, although the fact that it is a translation from German to English made for some obscure reading.

In the 2004 I became aware of a new two-guidebook set by Graham Fletcher and John Smith. I procrastinated for a bit, but as my 2005 dolomites trip approached, I ordered a set. They are definitely a step up from the old guidebook, with a completely new rating system, many more routes, and they are not a translated work (meaning they read much better). Plus they are in color and have better location maps. Needless to say, I highly recommend them.
Here's a few of the online places where the Fletcher/Smith guidebooks can be purchased :

Cicerone Publishing
Amazon UK
Amazon NA
Globe Corner Books
Mid Point Trade Books

Next, Here's an image of the Hofler / Werner Guidebook:
And here's a few of the online places to buy this book:

Mid Point Trade Books

Map References
Most of the maps that I use are a very detailed 1:25,000 series by a company called 'Tabacco'. I was not able to find a source for them in Canada, but did manage to find one place in the states that shipped them to me. The name of the company is Omnimap (, and they were able to supply me with the necessary maps. Here is a specific link to the page that lists these maps. Also, below is an image of what these Tabacco maps looks like.
In some cases I wasn't able to find a Tabacco map that covered a particular area. I was able to find a suitable map, although at a less detailed scale, from a company called 'Kompass'. I used their Brenta map, for example, for my ferrata-ing in the Brenta Group.

Other Ferrata Websites
Below is a list of some other interesting via-ferrata related sites on the internet:

Ferrata 365 - An extensive 392-route via ferrata guide site.
Wikipedia entry for Via Ferrata
Klettersteig & Bergsport Alpen (a via ferrata site from france)
Ken Robert's European Climbing reports (lots of Via Ferrata reports here)

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