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References & Guidebooks
Up until 2005, I used the Hofler / Werner ferrata guidebook in my travels in the dolomites. It served me well enough, although the fact that it is a translation from German to English made for some obscure reading.

In the 2004 I became aware of a new two-guidebook set by Graham Fletcher and John Smith. I procrastinated for a bit, but as my 2005 dolomites trip approached, I ordered a set. They are definitely a step up from the old guidebook, with a completely new rating system, many more routes, and they are not a translated work (meaning they read much better). Plus they are in color and have better location maps. Needless to say, I highly recommend them.
Here's a few of the online places where the Fletcher/Smith guidebooks can be purchased :

Cicerone Publishing
Amazon UK
Amazon NA
Globe Corner Books
Mid Point Trade Books

Next, Here's an image of the Hofler / Werner Guidebook:
And here's a few of the online places to buy this book:

Mid Point Trade Books

Map References
Most of the maps that I use are a very detailed 1:25,000 series by a company called 'Tabacco'. I was not able to find a source for them in Canada, but did manage to find one place in the states that shipped them to me. The name of the company is Omnimap (
www.omnimap.com), and they were able to supply me with the necessary maps. Here is a specific link to the page that lists these maps. Also, below is an image of what these Tabacco maps looks like.
In some cases I wasn't able to find a Tabacco map that covered a particular area. I was able to find a suitable map, although at a less detailed scale, from a company called 'Kompass'. I used their Brenta map, for example, for my ferrata-ing in the Brenta Group.

External Sites
Below is a list of some other interesting via-ferrata related sites on the internet:

Wikipedia entry for Via Ferrata

laviaferrata.fr (a via ferrata site from france)
Ken Robert's European Climbing reports (lots of Via Ferrata reports here)

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