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Via Ferrata
Ettore Bovero

Mountain(s) / Location:
Col Rosa
Maximum Height:
2166 m / 7106 ft
Fletcher/Smith Rating: 3B  
Hofler/Werner Rating:   E  
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This ferrata climbs a lower but very prominent peak called col Rosa. col Rosa is located just north of the Tofane mountains and Cortina D'Ampezzo. The starting point is from the Camping Olympia campground, just north of Cortina D'Ampezzo.
Ferrata - Cortina area locator map
Annotated Topographic Map
Col Rosa
Col Rosa has very steep and dramatic south, west, and east aspects. To the north, however, it presents a gently sloping incline. The ferrata scales the south face, and the return route is a trail that leads north and then around and back, forming a nice short loop route. In total this trip can be done in half a day. At the summit of Col Rosa are World War I fortifications tunnelled into the summit block. You can descend into these tunnels and explore.
courtesy markus
Col Rosa and E. Bovero Ferrata
Closeup, E. Bovero Ferrata
Hiking path leading to Ferrata
From the far end of the Olympia Campground (or by walking the #417 trail/road next to it), proceed along trail #417 (this is easy and flat) until a trail junction is reached with the #408 trail. Take that trail (go left) and proceed up in switchbacks through nice forest to the height of the pass (Passo Posporcora). There will be a junction with a trail that leads right and up. This is the trail to the start of the ferrata.
Getting closer to treeline.
Near the start of the Ferrata
View from the start of the E. Bovero Ferrata
The ferrata does not start right away. In fact, there is still a fair bit of hiking to go. In fact there is a bit of semi-exposed scrambling (without protection) that is needed before getting to the start of the ferrata itself.

Once at the start, the route is basically straight up. I would say it is no more difficult or exposed than the Pisciadu (Brigata Tridentina) ferrata, but much shorter. Soon you are up on a flat area not much below the summit block. There are beautiful views to the Tofane group, to Cortina D'Ampezzo below, and to the Sorapis and Pomagnon ranges across the valley to the east and southeast. Really nice scenery.
courtesy markus
Start of E. Bovero Ferrata
Climbing on the E. Bovero Ferrata
More Climbing
More Climbing
View from near the top of the E. Bovero Ferrata
Col Rosa Summit.
Traversing the flat area, there is a final set of pegs/ladders/wire, relatively short, and then you are on the summit. There is a entrance into the subterranean chambers at the summit, and it is easy to find.
War Galleries underneath Col Rosa Summit
Galleries underneath Col Rosa summit
Galleries underneath Col Rosa Summit
The way down is a well marked path (#447) that winds down through (I think) larch trees, then bends east and switchbacks steeply back down to the 417 trail, which you then take back to your starting point. A very scenic short-to-medium length route! It is another good intro to harder Ferrate.
courtesy darryl
Descent Route, Col Rosa
Andrew taking pictures, Col Rosa
Interactive trackmap with photo points - Bovero Ferrata, Col Rosa - click map to view

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(*) Difficulty rating from the newer Cicerone Guide by Fletcher and Smith
(**) Difficulty rating from older Cicerone Guide by Hofler/Werner

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