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Welcome to my personal via ferrata page. On this page, you'll find documented the vie ferrate that I personally have climbed in the Italian Dolomites. As of Summer 2013, that number stands at 41.

A Via Ferrata (in english : "Iron Way"), is a fixed protection climbing path, of which there are many in the Dolomites mountain range in northeastern Italy (see locator map to the right). In fact, although you may have heard of Via Ferrata installations in other parts of the world, this mountain range in Northern Italy is from where the term originates. The ferrata here are in beautifully scenic situations, and are completely open, uncontrolled and free for anyone to use. In 2001, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2010, I explored a small part of this fantastic area, and this web presentation is one of the results.

The Dolomites are a part of the Alps, and are characterized by a nice, compact blocky sedimentary rock from which we derive the name of the rock we call dolomite. The whole range is excellent for climbing, both aided and not. It is also a range of exceptional beauty, with gentle valleys flanked by isolated pockets of soaring spires and jagged ridges.

Update - September 30, 2015: Four more ferrata routes added: the VF Camilli Depaoli and the VF Dino Buzzati in the Pale Group, the VF al Col dei Bos in the Fanes Group, and the Ferrata Nord in the Sesto Group.
Update - July 18, 2013: Two more Lake Garda area ferrata added: the VF Fausto Susatti and the VF delle Taccole.
Update - October 2, 2010: Added new ferrate done as part of our recent trip in June of 2010. On the left-hand sidebar, the additional routes (five in total) are indicated by a yellow icon and yellow text. Enjoy!
Update - September 30, 2009: On a vacation to Europe with Asmir and Miriam, we did a couple of additional routes.
Update - September 17, 2007: I've just come back from another trip to the Dolomites, and new route descriptions are now up.
Overview and Introduction
What is a ferrata? This section goes over the ultra-basics: what, where, how - then points you off to the section of your choice.
Ferrata Route List
A complete listing of all of the ferrate that I've done, each with a brief synopsis and thumbnail image.
Interactive Ferrata Locator Map
A different way of looking at the list of all ferrate I've done, using a fully-interactive satellite map with the various ferrate indicated. You can get an idea of where the ferrate are grouped relative to each other and to the surrounding countryside. You can also navigate to detailed information about each ferrate from their respective indicators on the map.
Ferrata Difficulty Rating System
A page which describes, in detail, the difficulty ratings you encounter in this web presentation. Useful for newcomers to ferrate, and useful for experienced ferrata-ists who wish to compare what they know with what they don't...
Best Ferrata Images
An image gallery of what I consider to be some of the best pictures taken during my travels in the dolomites.
Resources and Guide Books
A page of references and links to guidebooks, other sites, and other relevant ferrate-related tidbits.
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