Hello, and welcome to the big, detailed account of our late-summer 2009 trip with Asmir and Miriam to Europe. From Miriam's little German hometown to High Swiss Alps to Sunny Italian beaches and towns, it was nonstop variety!

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Table of Contents / Index

Saturday, August 29
Intro & Arrival

Sunday, August 30
Miriam's Home Town
Visiting Ulm

Monday, August 31
Visiting Munich

Tuesday, September 1
Europa Park

Wednesday, September 2
To the Swiss Flat

Thursday, September 3
A Hike to see the Limersee

Friday, September 4
Rain-day in Switzerland

Saturday, September 5
Hiking the Crap da Flem

Sunday, September 6
An Evening in Verona

Monday, September 7
Beach-day at Lake Garda

Monday, September 8
Visiting Venice

Tuesday, September 9
Visiting Venice II
Visiting the Fletchers

Wednesday, September 10
Intro to Ferrate

Thursday, September 11
The Torre Toblino

Friday, September 12
Visiting Innsbruck
German Castles

Saturday, September 13
A Tesro Barbeque

Extra Feature
Tracking the Cow

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