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Friday, September 11th
The Torre Toblino
My alarm went off at 6am. While we were sleeping. In one of the open dorm rooms at the rifugio Locatelli. Now, normally, this would not be a huge issue, except that in this case, I was on the top bunk above some stranger, and my alarm was halfway across the dorm room. I tried as quickly and as quietly as I could to clamber down and shut off the alarm. Hopefully no one was too annoyed.

Not wanting to cause anyone further distress (by climbing back up to my top bunk), I decided to head out into the early morning light and take some pictures. I donned a pair of the rifugio's slippers (in retrospect I should have just taken my boots) and wandered around outside, eventually ending up walking around the little lake below the height of land upon which the rifugio stood.
R. Locatelli and M. Paterno
Morning Glow
Reflections of Paterno
In the early morning, with nary a breath of wind and rays of sun streaming through the occasional hole in the clouds, I had some great photo opportunities, as you'll see in the pictures here.
Torre Toblino
Rifugio Reflections
I returned to the rifugio for breakfast and to get ready for the day's outing. The outing itself, you ask? Well, the outing for this day was the Torre Toblino, a steep-sided tower of rock not far from the rifugio (less than a kilometre away). If you look at some of the previous pictures from my early morning lake-walk, you'll see a shot of the torre.

The Torre Toblino was used as a military observation post by the Austrians during WWI. There were two routes built on the tower, and both are now interesting via ferrata. We would be taking the steeper and harder route up, and the easier route down.
Bring it on, he says!
Asmir and M. Paterno
Heading north
The morning had brightened up nicely, and it was cheery and sunny as we walked along a good path north from the rifugio. The path circled clockwise towards the tower, eventually reaching it's western flank. A path then led up steeply along wartime trenches and ruins to the base of the tower, which was honeycombed with all sorts of wartime tunnels and windows.
Hikers and Tre Cime
Climbing old Fortifications
Torre and Ruins
Sniper Posts
Asmir Spelunks
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