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Saturday, September 12th
Visiting Innsbruck, and German Castles
The little hostel that Miriam had arranged for us in Innsbruck was indeed a fine little place. Scenically tucked away a little ways on an uphill street from the old center of the city, the Glockenhaus hostel offered us a reasonably spacious room in an old house for 20 Euros each. Nice view out the window, too!
Pension Glockenhaus
View from Hostel Room
We planned to spend the morning wandering around the old historic center of Innsbruck. We packed everything into the car and drove down early into the downtown, managing to snag a prime parking spot. From there, we got a bit of breakfast at a bakery, then started our walk around town. Innsbruck's old downtown is indeed a beautiful place, and the way that it's architectural beauty differed from that of the Italian cities we had just visited made it all the more interesting. This place was definitely.... Austrian!
Downtown Innsbruck
Asmir and Starlounge
Quiet Side Street
We spent a lot of time walking up and down and around the Herzog Friedrich Strasse, one of the main historic streets in the downtown core. We saw the famous 'Golden Roof', climbed the Statdturm tower for great views, and explored the little side alleys and looked in store windows.
Swarovski Innsbruck
Lonely bike
Austrian Flair
Buildings and Tower
Stylish on the Tower
The Golden Roof
View from Stadtturm
Rainspout and plaza
Herzog Friedrich Str. from above
Maria Theresien Str
Lauda Air over Innsbruck
Another view from tower
I like these rainspouts
Innsbruck Cathedral
Colorful Row
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