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Sunday, September 13th
A Tesro Barbeque
Sunday, September 13 -- the last full day of our trip. Miriam had planned a sort of family barbeque at the Tesro factory as a farewell celebration, but as Miriam went about organizing it, it morphed into a larger company barbeque with big names among Tesro's customers as attendees as well. A large white tarp-tent went up outside the entrance to the factory; a big black barbeque cooker thing was rented, as was a beer keg, and lots and lots of sausages, meats, cases of beverages, side dishes, and desserts. Wow, all this was started just because of us?
Tesro BBQ
Traditional Fare
Keg tapping
Fortunately, it was a beautiful sunny Sunday, and everything was well set-up by the time all of the guests started arriving. We initially started off (the munching, that is) with a batch of traditional German pretzels.
Going German
Electrical Assistance
Tent filling up
Eventually people started rolling in and the food prep picked up. The barbeque was fired up, and soon some delicious sausages of various types were being served. Together with a very heavenly potato salad and a mug of good German beer..... well, let's just say you simply couldn't have only one plate!
Miriam's Dad
Lounging at BBQ
Towards the end of the afternoon, I took a few snaps of some of the successful sport shooters who shoot with Tesro products. Miriam then showed us a little bit of bead-making prowess (her bead-making gear is at the Tesro factory).
TS-22 Sportpistol
Successful Tesro Shooters
Miriam adds spots
After everyone had gone and the barbeque was wrapped up, we headed back to Niederstotzingen, where we made our preparations to leave the next morning (and to have dinner, again expertly and deliciously prepared for us). As a final bit of fun together, I put together a select set of pictures of our trip over the last couple of weeks, and we all sat in Daniel's bedroom and watched them on his nice 1080P flat-panel TV.

The next morning we were up in time to thank and say good-bye to both Miriam's mom Kristina and to Daniel (Miriam's dad had already gone to work). It was then time to head off into the rainy morning to return the rental car and to make the ride back to the Munich airport, where we waved bye-bye to Miriam many times before finally disappearing into the security check-in for our flight.

I'd like to once again thank all those during our trip who were so generous and kind to us, especially the entire Roemer family: Peter, Daniel, Kristina and Miriam. Thank you, Miriam, for giving up your room; Kristina, for all the groceries and preparing of meals; Daniel, for showing us around Tesro, coming with us to Europa Park, letting us use your computers, and in general being very friendly; Peter for letting me try driving your BMW 530d (Asmir was too tipsy to drive, so we really had no choice); on the Italian side of things, many thanks to Graham and Meg Fletcher for hosting us yet again, this time with overnight accommodation, dinner, breakfast, and drinks, all au gratis. I shall try to find a way to repay you, somehow!

--- The End ---

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