Hello, and welcome to the big, detailed account of our summer 2007 trip to the Dolomites Mountains of Northeastern Italy. We invite you to come and experience our figurative highs and literal lows, and vice-versa.

On this trip, we sampled yet more Via Ferratas, along with a sublime dose of the art, cuisine, and culture of Northern Italy.

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Table of Contents / Index

Arrival and Loss

Sunday, July 15
Beaches and Operas

Monday, July 16
Ferrata 101: An Intro for Pu

Tuesday, July 17
Climbing con Calore

Wednesday, July 18
To the High Country!

Thursday, July 19
The Big Leagues

Friday, July 20
When in doubt, head for Venice!

Saturday, July 21
Artists and Artisans
Drinks with the Fletchers

Sunday, July 22
The Ferrata Alleghesi

Monday, July 23
Descent from Torrani
Dinner... and Loss

Tuesday, July 24
Carabinieri and Cows
Storms on the Eastern Front

Wednesday, July 25
Climbing a "FIVE"

Thursday, July 26
Two from Lorenzi

Friday, July 27
Special Delivery
The Kaleidoscope Walk
Truckin' to Tuckett

Saturday, July 28
The Brenta Marathon

Sunday, July 29

Extra Feature
Where did we drive?

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