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Monday, July 23
Dinner... and Loss
We decided to rough it a little, and chose to get a tent pitch at the nearby 'camping Alleghe' campground. Fortunately, campgrounds in Italy usually means pretty fancy facilities, so we took our time and washed clothes, cleaned ourselves up, and in general re-organized our messed-up belongings. A necessary task once in a while when you are road-tripping.

We had agreed to drive down into Agordo and meet with the Fletchers again. They knew a superb little pizzeria in town, and wanted to have dinner with us. Sounded like a great idea.

Before meeting up for dinner, we needed a restocking trip for hiking food. We stopped at a grocery store in Agordo, and wandered around, picking up our usual assortment of fresh deli meats, cheese, fruit, tasty Italian biscuits and fresh panini. Pu had burned through most of his cash, and so he want off to an automatic banking machine across the street. A few minutes later, he hurried back to us with a worried look on his face. The bank machine had failed to process his withdrawal transaction (which in itself was no big deal). For some reason, though, Pu thought that his account had been charged for the withdrawal. He wanted someone to go back with him to the bank machine to see if they could help him determine if this was true. And so, Jenn went off to help him out.

They came back a few minutes later, with Pu looking a little more relieved. His card didn't work in the Italian banking machine, but he was now quite sure that it wasn't a half-fulfilled transaction, with a debit on his account but no money is his hands. What he and Jenn didn't know at the time, however, was that in the frantic rush back at the banking machine, Jenn had inadvertently left a plastic baggie containing several items from her wallet, including her credit card, her alpine club card, and one hundred euros. It wasn't long before Jenn began looking in her purse and patting herself down, noticing that the items were gone.

Well, that was just grand! We spent the next while frantically trying to figure out where Jenn may have lost her baggy. We retraced our steps, stopping at the bar where Jenn had just purchased some postcards, along the streets where we'd walked, and eventually arriving back at the bank machine. No baggy. Bummer.

It was time to meet up with Graham and family for dinner, and in any case we had searched everywhere. Although there was still some hope that she'd inadvertently left the baggy back at the campground near Alleghe, prudence dictated cancelling the card, and plans were made to call the credit card company and cancel the card.
courtesy DBoyd
The Fletchers
Graham and Meg are well-known at the The Quattro Stagione pizzeria on a back street in Agordo. They ordered 'the usual' for themselves - a tasty -looking number called the 'Tarantella'. Several of us ordered the same.
courtesy PChen
After dinner gelato
After a very satisfying meal, we lazily wandered out into the warm night, and headed over to a gelato bar for some smooth, creamy dessert. I ordered a double-scoop of straciatella. We polished off our ice cream in the street in front of the bar, then hugged and said our good-byes. We were heading north, away from Agordo and the southern dolomites, and so this would be our last get-together. Thanks very much for meeting with us, Graham - we all thoroughly enjoyed visiting with you.
courtesy DBoyd
Graham and Andrew
Back at the campground later that evening, we were still bummed about the loss of Jenn's personal belongings back in Agordo the day before. The baggy wasn't anywhere to be found at the campground, and the more we thought about it, the more we realized that it was probably most likely left at the banking machine in town. The next person at the bank machine perhaps thought it a very nice little prize.
Even though we didn't hold out much hope, I figured it might be worth going back down into Agordo for one more look around. I would talk to the staff at the grocery store, see if they had found anything in the store. Jenn and I would get up extra early and head into town, letting Daryl and Pu sleep in a little and avoiding a delay in our departure from the campground.
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