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V. Ferrata delle Scalette
Rounding a Corner
Overhanging Ladder
Big Air on Toblino
Ladders Everywhere
Mid-way up the route is a big steep-sided chimney, where a few wide stemming moves are required. After that, it's a few more airy ladders and a bit of steep exposed ladderless climbing, and then the top of the tower is reached.
Deep Notch
Miriam's Smiling Traverse
Final exposed climb
The top of the tower is a smallish place with dropoffs on all sides. There are good views in all directions, except directly down into the Forcella Toblin, which is obscured by the lower Sasso di Sesto.
View from the top
Torre Toblino Summit
Descending Torre Toblino
The other ferrata route to the top of the Torre, the Sentiero Curato M. Hosp, is just a few metres south-west of where the VF delle Scalette tops out. Wires lead down less steep (but now ladderless) terrain on the southern aspect of the tower. In relatively short order it is all over, and you are at the bottom of the ferrata. There are more interesting wartime tunnels and ruins here, which are worth exploring.
Descending Torre Toblino
Toblino Descent
Wartime ruins
A well-defined trail leads westward under the southern base of the tower, angling downwards and in very short order (i.e. a few hundred metres) arriving back at the Forcella Toblin and the Rifugio Locatelli.
Extensive tunnelling
Torre Toblino Southern Aspect
Forcella Toblin
Interactive trackmap with photo points - Torre Toblino - click map to view
Elevation over Distance and Time

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(*) Difficulty rating from the newer Cicerone Guide by Fletcher and Smith
(**) Difficulty rating from older Cicerone Guide by Hofler/Werner
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