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The Rotwand ferrata starts off as a steep trail (but no exposure and no protection). Along the way you can look up and see the Fensterlwand, a small arch/window in a rock wall with a cross placed in it. Soon you reach the first ferrata section, which is actually a small downclimb. This is a somewhat tricky section, but again well-protected. At the base of this downclimb a small col is traversed, and then the climbing begins again. Soon you are on the broad sloping summit area of the Rotwand, and from there it is an easy path to the summit. Careful! just to the west is what appears to be a 1000m sheer drop... the west face of the Rotwand. Beautiful views north into the Rosengarten, east to the Marmolada, and to the south you can see the length of the jagged Masare ridge that you have just traversed.
The Fensterlwand
Tricky Section!
Another shot of the Tricky section.
Initial Ferrata section
Nearing the summit
Rotwand summit
Beginning the Descent
Plaque just north of the summit
The Rosengarten
Continuing north over the summit, the route continues down the North ridge. It is protected, and was very snowy when we were there. Would be fairly easy, I think, without snow, but with snow it was somewhat tricky. Once down at the base of the ridge a trail leads down westward, joining up with either the #549 or #552, which you can take back to the Rif. Paolina, or if you hiked up, back to the Karer Pass.
North ridge descent
Descent line
Rotwand West Face
courtesy darryl
Twilight at the Rotwand
Interactive trackmap with photo points - Masare and Rotwand ferrate - click map to view

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(*) Difficulty rating from the newer Cicerone Guide by Fletcher and Smith
(**) Difficulty rating from older Cicerone Guide by Hofler/Werner
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