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Short and easy pitches continue, interspersed with occasional brief breaks in the wire at ledges and lookouts - often where there is a small clump of trees. It is easy for parties of different speeds to pass or be passed on this route as a result. There are a few short stretches where the climbing gets little more airy, but overall it is pretty mild. The nicest parts are a brief section directly atop an open ridgecrest, and another spot where the wire traverses across a steep open slab. Both spots are well adorned with artificial aids and are easy to climb.
courtesy JInnes
Wall section
A steeper pitch
Airy viewpoint
Even at a slow pace, the climbing is done in about 50 minutes. At the top end of the wire is an airy and panoramic lookout point, as well as more interesting WWI emplacements. It is then a very short walk along a woodsy path to the summit of Cima Capi, where a pole and a summit box await. The view from the lookout at the wire's end is better than the view from the summit itself.
Final pitches
Wartime remnants
Top end of route
Cima Capi
From Cima Capi, a short downclimb leads to the continuation of path 405, which heads along the western ridge from Cima Capi's summit. The path closely follows the top of the precipitous cliff that forms Cima Capi's north face. It passes by a semi-overgrown helicopter landing pad directly on the ridgecrest, then eventually reaches a junction with a side trail (itself a ferrata, the VF Foletti) that heads over to the Rifugio Francesco Arcioni (and, if you wish, can be used to continue beyond to loop back to Biacesa).
Gruppo della Rochetta
Heading off of Cima Capi
Hewn out of rock
The route described here does not follow the route over to the rifugio, however, but continues straight ahead on path 405. The path at this point begins to be directly carved out of an increasingly steep cliff, and in places is protected by sections of Via Ferrata wire. Only if you feel exceptionally nervous will you need to formally clip in to this wire - it serves more as a nice hand rail than anything else.
Impressive Cima Capi
Junction with VF Foletti
Cliffside path
The nicely-engineered path traverses around the head of the Val Sperone valley. Its destination is the wooded slopes on the other side of the valley, and if you look closely, you can see a faint diagonal line on the big cliff face of Corna Frea - the peak that forms the northwestern slopes of the upper Val Sperone valley. That line marks the final section of the Via Ferrata Susatti (don't worry, as even though it looks challenging and difficult, when you get up close to this section, you see that it is another well-engineered footpath with a wire for security).
Head of Valle Sperone
Easy Ferrata section
Junction, head of Valle Sperone
Crossing a rock face
Across the face of Corna Frea
Cima Capi
As you climb up across this rock face, you are treated to some striking views back over to Cima Capi and its very impressive sheer north face. If there was a ferrata up this north face, it would be a fair sight harder than the VF Susatti!
End of VF Susatti
Soon after completing the rising traverse of the southeast face of Corna Frea, the wires end and two plaques related to the ferrata are reached. You can take off your ferrata gear at this point. Trail 405 continues slightly downhill towards a shallow col (called the Bocca d'Enzima), where there are some more overgrown wartime remnants. The trail then dives down the slope on the other side of the col, switchbacking down through a shady forest. Not far down these switchbacks, you encounter an enclosed alcove with some more extensive building-type ruins built into the rock face, and a water reservoir (complete with outlet and hand-pump). There's also a sturdy picnic table here.
courtesy JInnes
Only trail from here on
Alcove, spring, and ruins
Forested slopes
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