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A lookout
Jumping Jacks
Taking the right exit, you emerge onto a small platform. Ferrata wire immediately leads up to the right. The climbing soon eases off, and the route goes up a sort of gravelly gully towards the Forcella Camoscio. There's a lot of old barbed wire and wood.
courtesy DBoyd
Outside climbing starts
Climbing a notch
View from the route
courtesy DBoyd
Old wire and wood
Old Barbed Wire
End of MISUR 5
Once at the Forcella Camoscio, there are excellent views over to Monte Cengia. ahead and to the left, you'll notice a ledge with tunnels - this marks the end of another ferrata route - the Sentiero della Forcella.

From this pass, you can optionally go up to the summit of Monte Paterno, but this isn't required to complete the route, which descends a gully below and somewhat to the right.
View from Forcella Comoscio
Descending the gully
Ledges and Staircases
After descending the gully, the route follows a traversing path to more vertical walls, where a rising path with chiselled stairs cuts across the rock. Eventually this flattens out and traverses scenically around to the forcella passaporto. Here, you start to get excellent views over to the Tre Cime, which was up until this point hidden from you. Just before the forcella, there is a very neat wartime dugout / lookout that has a perfectly-framed view of the Tre Cime.
courtesy DBoyd
Jenn and Monte Cengia
Ledges and Staircases
Post-Maelstrom Magic
Heading to Passaporto
Airy ledgewalk
Wartime dugouts
Tre Cime, Framed
Forcella Passaporto
Now on the other side
The route now crosses through the focella to the other side of the ridge, and traverses along towards the Forcella Lavaredo. There's intermittent ferrata here where the ledges get narrow and the exposure greater, but it isn't all that bad. A few ups and downs and a few short tunnels and the end of the route is reached at a bas-relief wartime panel.
Rounding a corner
Punching through
A big step
Interesting support
End of Ferrata
Heading down
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