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ruined corridor
A ruined corridor in herculaneum [enlarge]
Herculaneum town street
This is an example of the streets of the town of Herculaneum, showing road construction typical of roman times. [enlarge]
Roman Pub
An example of a Roman pub in Herculaneum. Jars filled with liquid or soup would be placed in the round cistern-like structures you see, to keep them warm or cold. [enlarge]
House of the Big Portal
Wall Murals, House of the Big Portal. [enlarge]
Column Construction
Jenn examines the interesting internal structure of a column at Herculaneum. [enlarge]
Gymnasium room
An apse-like room in the Gymnasium. [enlarge]
Row of columns, Palestra
A row of columns in Herculaneum's sports complex area. [enlarge]
Mosaic and Statue
These two items were in a cave-like vault near the Palestra. [enlarge]
Womane's Bath, Entrance
Entrance to the very well preserved women's baths, Herculaneum. [enlarge]
Women's Bath
The very well-preserved interior of the women's baths in Herculaneum. [enlarge]
Mosaic tilework, baths
Mosaic tilework on the floor of one of the baths, Herculaneum [enlarge]
Women's Calidarium (baths)
Women's Calidarium with a sunken tub. [enlarge]
Woman's Bath
Impressive Triton floor mosaic, Woman's Bath, Herculaneum [enlarge]
Beautiful Wall Mosaic
A very colorful and well-preserved wall mosaic from the House of Neptune and Amphitrite in Herculaneum. [enlarge]
Closeup of Mosaic
A closeup of one of the wall mosaics in the house of Neptune and Amphitrite, Herculaneum. [enlarge]
Statue head, House of Neptune and Amphitrite
A neat-looking carved head in the house of Neptune and Amphitrite. [enlarge]
mythical murals
A room with several murals, including one of the myth of Hercules in the College of the Augustals. [enlarge]
Carbonized wood
A good example of the charred but surviving wood of the houses of Herculaneum. Burned and charred by the pyroclastic flow which enveloped the town in 79 AD. [enlarge]
Caretaker Bones
The bones of a caretaker, who died on his bed when Vesuvius erupted. [enlarge]
Plaque, Imperial College
A plaque on the wall of a room in the Imperial College, Herculaneum. [enlarge]
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