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Welcome to my section that focuses on our visit to the Amalfi Coast and Capri. Steep limestone cliffs plunge directly into the Mediterranean, with only the occasional tiny little beach to be found. Twisty roads and brightly-colored villages cling to the cliffs, and innumerable pleasure craft explore every arch, grotto and cove.

We spent the better part of two days in this area, camping in the Sorrento area and exploring the Amalfi coast as far as the town of Amalfi, and then taking a ferry over to the Island of Capri.

Note: additional pictures on these pages that are not in the main narrative have a thumbnail surrounded by a color.
Entrance, Campground
Immediately to the left of the neat wedge-shaped building is the entrance to camping Nube D'argento, the campground we stayed in in Sorrento. [enlarge]
View from our campsite
This is a view from our campsite at Nube D'argento. The cluster of buildings and the bay is an outlier of Sorrento called Marina Grande. Very quaint little fishing enclave. [enlarge]
Marina Grande closeup
A closeup of Marina Grande in Sorrento. [enlarge]
Vesuvius and the bay
A view of Vesuvius, looming over the built-up coast and the bay of Naples. Ercolano/Herculaneum is somewhere near the center of the picture. [enlarge]
Coastline, Sorrento peninsula
This is the bay of naples side of the Sorrento Peninsula. As you can see, quite built up at this point. [enlarge]
Pocket of beach near Sorrento
A pocket of beach along the rocky coast just west of Sorrento. [enlarge]
Sorrentine coastline
A beautiful bit of coastline on the Sorrento peninsula, not far from Sorrento itself. [enlarge]
The Amalfi Coast
On the 'bottom' side of the Sorrento peninsula lies the word-famous Amalfi Coast. [enlarge]
The cliff-town of Positano, one of the more famous towns along the Amalfi Coast. [enlarge]
The cliff-town of Positano, one of the more famous towns along the Amalfi Coast. [enlarge]
Positano closeup
The cliff-town of Positano, one of the more famous towns along the Amalfi Coast. [enlarge]
Amalfi the city
This is the city of Amalfi, for which the Amalfi Coast was named. [enlarge]
Breakers at the Amalfi wharf
These futuristic looking quadrapod things are scattered into the water off of the wharf at Amalfi. [enlarge]
Amalfi's main street
This is the section of the Amalfi coast highway that runs through the town of Amalfi. [enlarge]
Bustling Amalfi side-street
Jenn explores the crowded and lively town of Amalfi [enlarge]
The Cathedral of St. Andrew
or, in Italian the 'Cattedrale di S. Andrea' [enlarge]
Jenn climbs Cathedral steps
Jenn climbs the steps to the Cathedral in Amalfi. [enlarge]
Cathedral of St. Andrew
Interior of the Cathedral [enlarge]
An Amalfi Restaurant
Jenn and I have a pleasant meal at a local restaurant in Amalfi. [enlarge]
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