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This is an in-depth section on my visit to my relatives in Avellino. Warning! there are lots and lots of family pictures in here!

Avellino is a regional center in the province of Campania. My mother was born and grew up in this area, leaving shortly after the second world war, when she married my Dad and moved to Canada. My Mom's family name is Perugini, and she is the only one who permanently left Italy. As a result, there are many relatives of mine here!

I want to thank my Aunt Rosetta for once again generously letting us stay at her wonderful villa in Avellino. It was a very convenient base, and the company, food, and hospitality you showed us were first-rate, as always!

(additional pictures present here that are not in the main narrative have a thumbnail surrounded by a color)
Mom greets Jenn
Front of the house
Grounds of the house
Zia Rosetta's house
The prow of the house
Entrance area
Entrance Foyer
Spacious downstairs accommodation
Common downstairs room
Peppino's Study
My Aunt's living quarters
Living room
Jenn and Lula
Searching for Peppino
Life is good
Andrew at cemetary
A true necropolis
Porcelli mausoleum found
Zio Peppino
Andrew and Mom
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