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This page documents, in greater detail, our climb of Mount Cevedale. You will find a more complete set of images of this climb here, as opposed to what is in the main narrative.

Mount Cevedale is the third-highest peak in the Ortles Group, rising to an elevation of 12,365 feet (3769m). The peak is well-draped with glaciers, although from several aspects it is not that steep. A perfect intro mountaineering objective for Jenn, and a good basic mountain outing for the rest of us.

The Ortles group is a compact sub-range of the Alps in the northern Italian province of Lombardia. The region is also part of the Italian National Park of the Stelvio. We chose to go here because it was close to the dolomites, and so was a relatively short drive, and because it offered a basic climb to a relatively high peak.

We climbed Mount Cevedale in two days, hiking first to the rifugio Pizzini, and then climbing the next day to the summit and back down to the trailhead.

Note: additional pictures on these pages that are not in the main narrative have a thumbnail surrounded by a color.
Regional Locator Map : The Ortles
This is a regional map, showing the location of the Ortles Group. [enlarge]
This is the summit of the highest peak in the Ortles range. It is also called Ortles. Altitude of summit 12, 800+ feet (3900+m). As seen from the hamlet of Trafoi. [enlarge]
Campsite in Trafoi
Our campsite in the little hamlet of Trafoi in the Ortles range of northern Italy. [enlarge]
Trafoi Church
A beautiful scene with church and mountains, Trafoi. [enlarge]
Trafoi Church
A beautiful scene with church and mountains, Trafoi. [enlarge]
Passo dello Stelvio
The amazingly narrow and twisty Passo dello Stelvio here winds its way up from Trafoi in 40 to 50 never-ending switchbacks. [enlarge]
Twisty road heaven
The south side of the Passo dello Stelvio, with its beautifully paved back-and-forth route. [enlarge]
Almost track-like
The almost track-like contours of the south side of the Passo dello Stelvio. [enlarge]
Getting ready for ascent
Brian and Jenn prepare for our 2-day ascent of Monte Cevedale in the Ortles group. [enlarge]
And they're off!
Brian and Jenn start off on the first leg of the journey - to the rifugio Pizzini. [enlarge]
Ortles Scenery
As we climb into the high valley towards Rif. Pizzini. the beauty of the high Ortles reveals itself. [enlarge]
The Glacier of the Ovens
This is part of the very extensive broad 'giacciaio di forni'. or glacier of the ovens. [enlarge]
The Glacier of the Ovens
This is part of the very extensive broad 'giacciaio di forni'. or glacier of the ovens. Note the excellent medial moraines where the two upper parts of the glacier come together. [enlarge]
The Gran Zebru
Jenn and Brian hike towards the Gran Zebru, a steep and challenging peak in the Ortles. It is the second-highest peak in the range. [enlarge]
Looking back downvalley
The view back downvalley towards Monte San Matteo and the Glacier of the Ovens. [enlarge]
courtesy BConnell
Andrew consults map
Andrew verifies location on a topo map of the area. [enlarge]
Jenn on trail
Jenn on the trail to the Pizzini Hut. [enlarge]
The Rifugio Pizzini
This is the Rifugio Pizzini, our home for the night. [enlarge]
The Rifugio Pizzini
The sign on the front of the Rifugio Pizzini. [enlarge]
Interior, Rifugio Pizzini
This is the interior of the Pizzini hut's main area. From here you can reach the dining area or the cash. [enlarge]
Our bedroom
We had this nice 6-bunk room all to ourselves! [enlarge]
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