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A more complete picture set of our brief tour of Rome. All of the pictures you see in this section were taken in a single 5-hour span of time. We didn't stay long, but we did see quite a bit, and did a lot of walking!

Jenn had never been to Rome, and I wanted to give her a brief taste as we journeyed our way north. Plus, I wanted to finally see the Sistine Chapel (although that was not meant to be, unfortunately).

We parked at the car-park at the Villa Borghese, and did a walking circuit that included the Piazza del Popolo, the Vatican, the Roman Forum, and the Coliseum.

Note: additional pictures on these pages that are not in the main narrative have a thumbnail surrounded by a color.
A street in Rome
A nice shot of an attractive street in downtown Rome. I like the colors of the buildings, the suspended street lights, and the general ambiance. [enlarge]
Piazza del Popolo
This is the Piazza del popolo, just adjacent to the Villa Borghese. One the many fine piazzas in Rome. [enlarge]
Piazza del popolo
Another view of the Piazza del Popolo, this time from in the piazza itself. [enlarge]
The Vatican from afar
A view of the Vatican from a lookout in the Villa Borghese. [enlarge]
Jenn and St. Peters
Jenn poses with the Vatican in the background. [enlarge]
St Peters Basilica
The head of the Catholic church. A truly monumental building. [enlarge]
Papal apartments?
I think (although am not sure) that this is the building where the pope appears every sunday and does his wave to the people, etc. [enlarge]
Piazza in front of St Peters
The huge piazza in front of St Peters basilica. [enlarge]
Imposing Entrance
A view of the colossal columns surrounding the piazza. [enlarge]
The Vatican Guard
Some colorfully dressed swiss guards - a tradition at the Vatican. [enlarge]
Catholic Rules
An example of one of the signs that warns visitors that they will be turned away if the are dressed too skimpily. [enlarge]
Front Facade, St Peters Basilica
A wide angle view of the front facade of St Peters. [enlarge]
Papal seal overhead
A view of the celing of the entrance area, along with the intricate and imposing papal seal. [enlarge]
Papal Tombs
This is a tomb of a past pope. Pope John Paul II's tomb is just a few spots to the right of this one. [enlarge]
Main Hall, St Peters Basilica
The huge main hall of the church of St. Peters. [enlarge]
Main Altar
The main altar is a huge affair with fancy spiralled gold columns. [enlarge]
Capturing the essence
I (and another photographer) attempt to capture the vastness of the basilica. [enlarge]
The Main Dome
A view straight up into the dome of the basilica. [enlarge]
Ascent to the cupola
Jenn starts the long ascent to the top of the dome. [enlarge]
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