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This page contains a much more complete look at our visit to the Palace of Caserta, a place I now consider to be one of the hidden gems of the world of art and architecture.

Caserta is a town not far north of Naples, and also not far from Avellino. Its main claim-to-fame is a huge, wonderful palace: the Royal Palace of Caserta. Built by the Bourbon Monarchy in the 18th century, it is truly a monumental work of art. There are well over one thousand rooms; the ornamental gardens stretch on for kilometres, and the variety and intricacy of the interior decorations are magnificent. It is sometimes referred to as 'the Italian Versailles'.

One of the very nice things about Caserta is that it is not well-known as a tourist destination. As a result, you will likely have a delightful and uncrowded experience when you visit.

Note: additional pictures on these pages that are not in the main narrative have a thumbnail surrounded by a color.
Construction at the Royal Palace
A view from the southern side of the Royal Palace of Caserta. The landscape on this side is being renovated. [enlarge]
Street view of the Palace
A street in Caserta runs right past the royal palace of Caserta. [enlarge]
Grand Palace
A view from the Garden side of the palace of Caserta. It truly is a magnificent building. [enlarge]
Caserta Courtyard
A view into one of the large courtyards at the palace of Caserta. [enlarge]
Grand Halls
Jenn, Vicky and Alysha walk down the grand open hallways connecting the open courtyards. [enlarge]
Statue in Main Hall
One of the many interesting points along the open Main Hall. [enlarge]
Ceiling, Main Hall
A section of the ceiling in the Main Hall, in the vicinity of the Main Staircase. [enlarge]
Main Staircase
The impressive main staircase, carved out of a single block of marble. Known as the Staircase of Honor. [enlarge]
Alysha and Vicky, Main Staircase
Ceiling, Main Staircase
A view straight up above the Main Staircase. [enlarge]
Upper Main Staircase
The upper part of the Main Staircase. (aka Staircase of Honour) [enlarge]
Ceiling above main staircase
Once you finish climbing the main staircase, a huge open area greets you, topped with this beautiful ceiling work. [enlarge]
A chandelier in the Guard of Honor Salon. [enlarge]
Guard of Honor Salon
This is the second antechamber leading to the Royal Apartments. It is known as the salon of the Guard of Honour. It is decorated with stucco, shaped into groups of cherubs; the doors and windows are overlaid with haut-relief panels depicting historical scenes that have taken place in the realm in ancient times. [enlarge]
Bas Relief, Guard of Honor Salon
Alexander the Great Salon
Vicky and Alysha in the last of the antechambers leading to the Royal Apartments: the large salon dedicated to Alexander the Great. The ceiling, which you can just see a portion of in this photo, contains a huge painting depicting the marriage of Alexander and Rossana. [enlarge]
Mars Room
The Mars room, which exalts the subject of war. Neo-classical style and of a military nature. [enlarge]
Mars room, ceiling
'Hector's death and Achille's Triumph'. Painted by Rafaele Calliano. [enlarge]
Floorwork, Mars Room
Carrera marble floor in the Mars Room. Used to host Nobleman, Barons, Major officials and Foreign Envoys. [enlarge]
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