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Mars Room and hallway
The mars room depicts aspects of war. [enlarge]
Ceiling, Hall of Astrea
The painting depicts Astrea, the goddess of Justice (painted by the artist Giacomo Berger). [enlarge]
Chairs, Hall of Astrea
The Hall of Astrea was originally an anti-chamber for Ambassadors, Secretary of States, etc. Decorated in golden stucco. [enlarge]
The Throne Hall
The biggest hall of the Royal Apartments. Carved Corinthian pillars on the walls, and adorned with portraits of rulers of the reign. [enlarge]
Ceiling, Throne Room
The ceiling fresco, which you can only see part of in this picture, is called "the placing of the first stone of the palace" [enlarge]
Throne, Throne hall
Ceiling detail, Throne Hall
That kid can't be happy
There were many paintings of this sort, with images of little babies bound up in what must have been pretty uncomfortable for them. [enlarge]
Pierre Cesar Dery
A portrait of the french military around the time of Napoleon. [enlarge]
Intricate Table
This equisite table is inlaid with huge chunks of amethyst. [enlarge]
Crib, son of Umberto II
The city of Naples donated, on the occasion of the birth of the first child of Umberto II, this intricate cradle. [enlarge]
Crib, Vittorio Emmanuale III
Again donated by the city of Naples; carved and built by Domenico Morelli. Made of, among other things, wood, shells, and coral. [enlarge]
Palace Bedroom
Royal bathroom
Not too shabby! [enlarge]
Endless Hallways
The hallways leading into the old apartments seem to stretch on forever. [enlarge]
Bedroom, Palace Apartments
Not sure which apartment this room is in... [enlarge]
Fantastic Chandelier
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