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Gondolas still ply the canals of Venice to this day. [enlarge]
A venetian Bus
Buses in venice are of the floating variety. This one is going to the Piazzale Roma [enlarge]
A venetian Bus
Buses in venice are of the floating variety. This one is going to the Piazzale Roma [enlarge]
Gondolas and Cafes
Moored Gondolas float next to the cafes near the Piazza San Marco [enlarge]
Piazza from the Water
A view of the Piazza San Marco from a water bus. [enlarge]
Church of Saint Mark
The chiesa San Marco, a Grand and elegant 1000 year old church. Situated in the Piazza San Marco (where else?) in venice. [enlarge]
Cruise Ship glides by
A large Cruise ship glides by the Piazza San Marco. [enlarge]
The Palazzo Ducale
The Colorful and elegant Palazzo Ducale in Venice. No pictures allowed inside, for some reason. Plus expensive to get in. [enlarge]
Closeup, Palazzo Ducale
People and Pidgeons
People and pidgeons freely intermix in the Piazza San Marco. [enlarge]
Chiesa San Marco
Another view of the distinctive domes and towers of Saint Mark's Church. [enlarge]
Lonely wet girl
A girl patiently waits as a soft rain clears this little venetian piazza of people. [enlarge]
The sea encroacheth
An tired but sound doorway in a house on a canal in Venice. [enlarge]
four-star entrance
Only in Venice would you see a dock at the entrance to a four-star hotel!! [enlarge]
Piazza of Marble
A small piazza in venice surrounded by imposing white buildings. A classical music concert is going on in one of them. [enlarge]
Jenn and Grand Canal
A cute picture of Jenn, with the setting sun shining on the buildings facing the Grand Canal in Venice. [enlarge]
Rialto Bridge Sunset
Sunset at the Rialto Bridge, Venice. [enlarge]
Gottfried and Grand Canal
Gottfried marvels at the beauty of the Grand Canal in Venice. [enlarge]
Stately Buildings
Stately Buildings glow in the late day light along the Grand Canal in Venice. [enlarge]
Venice Skyline
Venetian architecture bathed in late-day sunlight. [enlarge]
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