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Rape of the Sabines
Another statue here in the Piazza della signorina, part of the artist Giambologna's 'rape of the sabines' sculptures. [enlarge]
Ponte Vecchio
A medeival bridge which crosses the Arno river. It survied Word War II bombing. There are many shops and stores built into the bridge, mostly related to jewelry. [enlarge]
City of Scooters
The downtown of Florence is filled with zillions of scooters. Just look at this street filled completely and only with parked scooters! [enlarge]
Santa Maria Novella
This is the Santa Maria della Novella, an interesting church in Florence with a plain looking outside, except for the beautiful front facade. Inside, it is much more beautiful than the larger Duomo of Florence. [enlarge]
Vaulting, Santa Maria Novella
The simple but beautiful interior ceiling of the Santa Maria Novella. [enlarge]
Altar, Santa Maria Novella
The beautiful multicolored marble altar in the Santa Maria Novella. [enlarge]
Cloister, Santa Maria Novella
The quiet, beautiful, and elegant cloister courtyard at the santa maria novella's museum section. [enlarge]
Cappellone degli spagnoli
The Spanish Chapel in the Santa Maria Novella. This is a fantastically painted room by Andrea di Firenze, covered with 14th century frescoes [enlarge]
Postcards from Florence
Jenn mails some postcards from our hilltop campground in Fiesole, near Florence. [enlarge]
Umbrian Sunflowers
A sea of Sunflowers graces the landscape in the Umbria province of Italy, a region that we passed through on the way from Tuscany to Venice. [enlarge]
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