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Campanile, Duomo of Siena
The white and dark banded marble is further dramatized by the storm clouds behind. [enlarge]
Interior, Duomo of Siena
The Renaissance-style banded-marble interior of the Duomo of Siena. [enlarge]
Vault of the Duomo
A neat view of the ceiling of the main hall in the Duomo, Siena, Italy. [enlarge]
Main altar, Duomo
A view towards the Duomo's beautiful main altar. [enlarge]
Duomo's Dome
A view straight up into the Dome of the Duomo. [enlarge]
Coronation of a pope
A fresco on the wall of the main hall in the duomo, showing the coronation of a pope. [enlarge]
A closeup of the sculpted walls of the duomo in siena. [enlarge]
The Piccolomini Library
This library is in a side-room in the Duomo. the walls and ceiling are covered in amazingly beautiful frescoes, painted by the artist Pinturicchio in the 14th century. The frescoes are of events in the life of Pope Pius II (aka Enea Silvio Piccolomini). [enlarge]
The Piccolomini Library ceiling
The ceiling of the Piccolomini Library, Duomo, Siena, Italy. [enlarge]
Floor mosaic, duomo
The Sienese She Wolf
One of the marble mosaics that cover the floor of the Duomo in Siena. In this mosaic, the Sienese she-wolf is surrounded by the emblems of twelve confederate cities. [enlarge]
171 Popes
Along the upper walls of the main hall of the Duomo are these plaster busts of 171 popes. [enlarge]
171 Popes
Along the upper walls of the main hall of the Duomo are these plaster busts of 171 popes. [enlarge]
Lush winemaking country
A view of winemaking country just outside of San Gimignano. [enlarge]
The City of Towers
The Beautiful City of Towers, San Gimignano, as seen from a distance. [enlarge]
City of Towers
A good view from afar of the center of San Gimignano, the 'city of the beautiful towers'. There were originally 72 towers (now only 15 remain), if you can believe that! [enlarge]
Rampart, San Gimignano
One of the castle-like fortification structures on the outer wall of medeival San Gimignano in Tuscany. [enlarge]
Entrance Gate, San Gimignano
An entrance gate through the old Medeival walls, San Gimignano [enlarge]
Medeival Street
A narrow street in San Gimignano [enlarge]
Street and Towers
A view down a narrow street with some of the characteristic towers of San Gimignano in the background. [enlarge]
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