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Map and Peak
A view of the topographic map and the corresponding features in the background. [enlarge]
Pizzini and Peaks
A view from the scenic front deck of the Rifugio Pizzini. [enlarge]
The pasquale Glacier
This is the 'vedrette del Pasquale', or Pasquale Glacier. It flows down from the summit of Monte Cevedale, which you can see above and slightly to the right. [enlarge]
Monte Cevedale
A view of Monte Cevedale and the upper part of the Pasquale Glacier. [enlarge]
Jenn and Brian relax
Jenn and Brian relax in the afternoon sun in front of the Pizzini hut. Monte Cevedale rises in the background. [enlarge]
courtesy BConnell
Behind the scenes
A rare behind-the-scenes look at all the pictures Andrew took. [enlarge]
Monte San Matteo
A look downvalley back towards the Monte San Matteo and its related sub-peaks. [enlarge]
Gottfried consults Map
Gottfried is interested in knowing where we are going tomorrow! [enlarge]
Mountain Brew
Brian enjoys a bit of Mountain Brew [enlarge]
Ahh... satisfaction!
The finishing of his beer has Brian in a happy, contented mood! [enlarge]
Mountain planning
Jenn and Brian get an overview of the next day's climb. [enlarge]
Predawn Climbing
Jenn and Brian start the climb towards Monte Cevedale (in background) before sunrise. [enlarge]
Morning glow on Cevedale
The first glow of dawn on Monte Cevedale [enlarge]
periglacial pond
The multi-braided flow to a subglacial pond reflects the pink of early morning. Taken on the climb from the Pizzini hut to the Casati hut. [enlarge]
Il Gran Zebru
The Gran Zebru really does look Grand in this early morning light. Note the avalanche tracks on the face. [enlarge]
Steep grind
Jenn climbs the steep, steep trail leading from the Pizzini hut to the Casati hut. [enlarge]
Steep grind
Jenn climbs the steep, steep trail leading from the Pizzini hut to the Casati hut. [enlarge]
Early morning Ortles
A panoramic view of the foothills of the Ortles, as seen from near the Casati hut. [enlarge]
The Casati hut
A virtual mini-city up here! This is the Casati hut and its sister hut in the background. Lots of capacity here. Calling them 'huts' is a bit of a misnomer. [enlarge]
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