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The island of Procida
No, not the island itself, but rather the name given to our ferry that is taking us from Sorrento to Amalfi. [enlarge]
Marina Grande, Capri
Small boats are drawn up onto the shore at the Marina Grande, Capri. [enlarge]
Beach, Marina Grande, Capri
The crowded beach at the Marina Grande, Capri. [enlarge]
Whitewashed Mediterranean
The whitewashed roof of a house on Capri contrasts with the distant limestone cliffs that form all parts of the island. [enlarge]
Narrow Capri Street
Most streets in Capri are non-car accessible - such as this one. [enlarge]
Billboards, Capri-style
While walking along the narrow walking streets of Capri, you will often encounter this sort of signage. [enlarge]
Flower-lined way
A brilliantly flower-lined walkway on Capri. [enlarge]
Church, St. Michael of the Cross
or, in Italian, the 'chiesa s. Michele della croce'. Taken not far from downtown Capri. [enlarge]
Andrew on street in Capri
Jenn befriends a bug
A big one too, on a street on the island of Capri [enlarge]
View from Belvedere
At the Belvedere near Villa Jovis, a wonderful view of limestone cliffs, blue-green seas and endless pleasure craft. [enlarge]
A mama of a boat
A very impressive recreational watercraft... no? [enlarge]
Andrew and Jenn at Belvedere
Villa Jovis
Villa Jovis is a classical Roman ruin on Capri. The Emperor Tiberius used this as a vacation villa 2000 years ago. [enlarge]
Jenn explores Villa Jovis
Jenn explores the ins and outs of the Roman Emperor Tiberius' former villa on Capri. [enlarge]
Villa Jovis ruins
The ruins are situated on a high point at the very end of the island, providing good views back over the rest of the island. [enlarge]
The tip of the Sorrentine Peninsula
From Villa Jovis, one can look out and see the tip of the Sorrentine Peninsula (i.e. the mainland). [enlarge]
Capri from Villa Jovis
Another view of Capri from the Villa Jovis. [enlarge]
Luncthime with Jenn
Jenn and I have an open-air lunch at a cafe on the island of Capri. [enlarge]
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