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There's Cows Up Here!
Our first view of the high, barren plateau that exists at the 8000-ish foot level in the Maiella in this area. There are many bell-clanging cows grazing up here. [enlarge]
Alpine flowers
Some Alpine flowers on the high plateaux of the Maiella. [enlarge]
Andrew hikes up
Andrew hiking up, now on gently sloping terrain, towards the region where Monte Amaro is located. [enlarge]
Gottfried in the Abruzzo
Gottfried stops to admire the pretty purple alpine flowers in the Maiella. [enlarge]
Gottfried and snowfield
Gottfried points... look, snow! [enlarge]
Flowers n' moss
Some pretty pink flowers grow out of a mound of moss. [enlarge]
Monte Amaro in sight
Jenn sees her destination - Monte Amaro - in the distance. [enlarge]
Climbing to Monte Amaro
As the day's cumulus clouds build, Jenn makes her way the last couple of kilometres to Monte Amaro. [enlarge]
Extensive Alpine Plateau
There is a lot of high flat alpine terrain up here! very interesting. [enlarge]
Helicopter on Monte Amaro
I wonder what they are doing? [enlarge]
Helicopter Closeup
Perhaps a park chopper? [enlarge]
Limestone and Summit
The route cross a neat bit of 'limestone pavement' on the way to the summit. [enlarge]
Jenn in the high alpine
Jenn struts her way to the Summit of Monte Amaro, now less than 1 km away. [enlarge]
Memorial and Bivacco
This plaque is just moments away from the summit, as is the bivacco (the orange structure you see). [enlarge]
Memorial Plaque
The Memorial plaque not far from the summit of Monte Amaro. [enlarge]
Jenn and Bivacco
The orange space-dome like bivacco and the stark barren landscape give the summit a foreign-planet like feel. [enlarge]
Heading for the top
Jenn crosses the last few metres to the summit. [enlarge]
Summit cross
The summit cross on Monte Amaro. Down below is the valley where we started the hike. [enlarge]
Summit and Start
A closeup of part of the summit cross, along with the trailhead below. The trailhead is where the main road and the gravel road (coming in from the left) meet. [enlarge]
Bergheil, Gottfried!
Gottfried summits Monte Amaro with Jenn. [enlarge]
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