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The next day, we headed off straight away (well, after breakfast) for Serengeti National Park . We were doing things in a slightly reversed sequence in order to accommodate our need to get to the Arusha airport on the fourth day to catch our flight to Zanzibar . Along the way to Serengeti NP, Robinson and Issa stopped off at Olduvai Gorge , a famous archeological site where remains of early man were discovered by the famous Leakey couple, Mary and Louis.
Olduvai Gorge
Early hominid trackway
Ranger at Olduvai Gorge
After Olduvai Gorge , the land became flat... Very flat. Definitely Serengeti Plain-like scenery, like you imagine from stories or from pictures or movies. The horizon was dead flat. Here and there a rocky Inselberg rose out of the plain. And now and then, huge herds of wild animals were visible off in the distance. In fact, there were so many animals and the plain so vast that you would look out to the very horizon and see thousands of dots - each one some wild animal. Simply amazing.
Speeding along the Serengeti
The wild serengeti
Interesting entrance fees
An Acacia Tree
Video: Journey to the Serengeti
A video clip of the wonderful ride from Ngorongoro to Serengeti NP, including a stopoff at the famous archeological site of Olduvai Gorge. (2 minutes, 59 seconds)
Eventually, after many hours of driving (this place is big!), we came to a section of the Serengeti that was more treed. Lots and lots of scenic Acacia trees everywhere. Our campsite was in this area (can't remember the name at the moment). Anyway, it was amongst these trees, far from any apparent civilization. It too had a 'protected' eating area, and also had an interesting "Caution! Do not get out of the campsite - Animal may Attact Human Being" sign. Hmm... was that Attack, or Attract? Either way, didn't sound good! It was something to consider -- some of the most predacious of animals on earth made their home around here. Again... who do we meet at our campsite -- none other than Courtney and Julia! What amazing coincidence!
courtesy PChen
courtesy PChen
A serengeti Inselberg
Courtney on the phone
Attact, or attract?
courtesy PChen
Lunch at Serengeti
Serengeti Elephant
Road-crossing Turtle
After arriving, we are out for our final bit of safari driving. I get a good look at a Hippo pool, and conclude that most Hippos seem to be of a very grumpy disposition. I get an amazing look at a Giraffe family, and watch an adult Giraffe drink from up close. Such an ungainly posture it has to assume to drink!
Assortment of Hippos
Grumpy grumpy hippos
Giraffe on roadway
Another highlight of today's Safari is a sighting of the very reclusive leopard, which is spotted a ways off the road lounging in a tree. Some questionable radio calling leads to a massive convergence of all sorts of safari vehicles. I guess a leopard sighting is a rare thing!
Safari picture taking
Leopard in Acacia Tree
Leopard along roadway
Video: Safari at Serengeti NP
Another amazing safari, this time at Serengeti National Park. (3 minutes, 50 seconds)
Late afternoon brought a spectacular storm to the Serengeti. Fortunately, we avoid its path, but fortunately get very many spectacular pictures of Acacia tree silhouettes against angry-looking skies. Primeval-Africa kind of shots, if you know what I mean.
courtesy PChen
courtesy PChen
Awesome serengeti storm clouds
Stark silhouette
It was late-afternoon, and we had seen much, so we headed back to the campsite. Our dinner and night passed uneventfully; no wild animals came to gore us or slash our throats during the night!
Focus On...
Serengeti NP
Want to see many more pictures of the animals and scenery of Serengeti National Park? Click Here to go to the Serengeti 'In Focus" section....
We had to get up extra early the next morning. We had a very long, very bumpy ride back to Arusha. We had hundreds of kilometres of bumpy safari country to ride through on our way back. Pu had decided not to go to Zanzibar , so he stayed back with Vinh for an extra few days; he would join us at the airport in Nairobi for the flight back home.

I was glad I had my Bill Bryson book for the ride back. It was long, and I discovered that I can definitely read in a bumpy, jouncy vehicle for hours without getting nauseous! Still, I was glad when we got back to the paved road. Our destination - Arusha airport, where our Precision Air flight to Zanzibar will be waiting.
Video: Returning from Safari
Our last day of Safari at Serengeti NP, along with a bit of the drive to the airport in Arusha for our Zanzibar flight. (0 minutes, 42 seconds)
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