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The Island of Zanzibar

The following pages contain a more complete set of images of the exotic spice island of Zanzibar.

Note: if you see a thumbnail in this sub-report that has a color around it, it means that the image is an additional one that is not included in the main trip report.
Zanzibar is an island (or rather islands, if you consider the island of Pemba as well) off the coast of Tanzania. The terrain is mostly flat, covered with tropical vegetation, and surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and coral reefs. Since it is situated in the tropics, the climate is hot and humid.
Zanzibar Locator Map
This is a locator map showing Zanzibar in relation to other points in the region. [enlarge]
The coast of Zanzibar
An overhead view of part of the coast of the tropical island of Zanzibar. The beach villa we stayed at is located just north of center in this picture. [enlarge]
Beach and boats at lowtide
This shot looks out from the beach that you can see from the air in the previous picture. It is lowtide, and the coral-ish tidal flats can be seen in the foreground. Many primitive fishing boats are anchored not far from shore. [enlarge]
Fishing is a major economic activity on Zanzibar. Hundreds upon hundreds of small simple fishing boats ply the waters each day. Using handlines, longlines, and moveable traps, fishermen catch sardines, anchovy, crabs, shrimp, lobster, octopus, and tuna, among many other types. Most fishing boats on Zanzibar are of the exceedingly simple type, hand-built and with no engines. The dhow is a traditional boat often seen in these parts, with a design that has one or more triangular sails, or lateens (dhows are indigenous to this area of the Indian Ocean and have been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years).
Boats in the Indian Ocean
Various sorts of fishing boats in the Indian ocean. [enlarge]
Dhow under full sail
An ancient but still-used type of boat that is used in this region. [enlarge]
Outrigger dugouts
Outrigger dugouts parked along the beach near the Imani Beach Villa. [enlarge]
Low tide
At low tide, the water recedes to reveal a section of coral-ish growth (tricky to walk on!) [enlarge]
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