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Video Clip Index
Peter took a lot of video during our trip to Africa. It's possible you've already seen clips scattered amongst the pages of the main trip report, or this may be your first look. In any case, I've captured all of the clips in one place, on the pages of this sub-report.
Video : The Drive From Nairobi to Moshi
A video montage of the very interesting shuttle trip from Nairobi to Zara's Springlands Hotel in Moshi, Tanzania. (1 minute, 11 seconds)
Video: Kilimanjaro Appears
A 30-minute (compressed into 10 seconds) time-lapse sequence from my Digital Camera captures the clouds dissipating from around Kilimanjaro.
Video: A Late Start
This video clip covers our tardy morning departure from the Springlands Hotel, and the bumpy ride to Umbwe Gate. (1 minute, 12 seconds)
Video: The First Climb
This video clip covers the time period from our arrival at the Umbwe Gate to our campsite at Umbwe Caves on the first day of the climb. (2 minutes, 42 seconds)
Video: The Climb To Barranco, Part I
This video clip covers our morning at the Lower Umbwe Cave, and part of the hike up to Barranco (as far as our Lunch stop). (1 minute, 54 seconds)
Video: The Climb To Barranco, Part II
This video clip covers the second half of our climb to the Barranco Camp. (2 minutes, 11 seconds)
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