The Main Event
The long and extensive story of our travels to east Africa: the places we went, the things we climbed, the animals we saw, the fun we had!
Real-Time Trip Updates!
Dispatches that we sent out as we were on our trip. Although now in the past, the record of these real-time updates is still interesting to look at.
Chombo and his men
A photo-montage of our trusty guides and porters. They worked tirelessly to make our climb a pleasant experience.
Wildlife Extravaganza
Think you've seen all of our exotic animal pictures? Think again! Click here to get the full rundown on all the animals we saw on Safari!
Spotlight on the Maasai
These fascinating semi-nomads were in evidence in many places throughout our travels. Here's a detailed look....
The Exotic Spice Island of Zanzibar
The rich cultural, architectural, and tropical melange of Zanzibar deserves its own set of pages. Click here to get a more extensive, more detailed look at our experiences in this little tropical corner of the world.
Ascent and Descent Route Descriptions
A detailed description of our Umbwe-Western Breach ascent / Barafu-Mweka descent, from a guidebook-style perspective. Maps, distances, elevations, annotations, and pictures! (Note: this is not the main trip report! If you are looking for the main trip report, see the first item at the top of the page)
GPS Data, Maps and Graphs
My raw GPS data from the Kilimanjaro climb, and a single point of reference for all of the maps and graphs of the climb.
Audio and Video Repository
Even though audio and video is interleaved throughout the main story, I thought I'd create this separate section to contain all of the audio and video clips, for quick access.
A Contrasting Tragedy
Precisely while we were climbing, another group of Ottawans were climbing, too. Their adventure ended in misfortune and tragedy. An account of their story and of the reflections cast on our own climb.
Markus' Trip Report
An account of the trip and the climb, from Markus' perspective.
Trip Preparations
A detailed rundown of everything we did to get ready for this trip. Useful if you want to see what goes into a trip like this, and also useful if you are planning your own trip to Kilimanjaro.
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