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The following pages contain a more complete set of images of all of the wonderful animals we saw, and the places in which we saw them. You'll find more animal pictures here than in the main narrative.

Note: if you see a thumbnail in this sub-report that has a color around it, it means that the image is an additional one that is not included in the main trip report.
Lake Manyara National Park
Lake Manyara Entrance Sign
Lake Manyara is a park located at the base of one of the fault-block scarps of the African Great Rift Valley (see map below). Stretching for 50km along the base of this escarpment, Lake Manyara is a scenic gem. The park is fairly small compared to some of the other big-name parks, and its compact game-viewing circuit offers a quick but fantastic intro to the Tanzanian safari experience. [enlarge]
Lake Manyara NP Locator Map
Lake Manyara is located partway between the city of Arusha, Tanzania, and the Ngorongoro Crater / Serengeti Parks area. When driving via the usual route, from Arusha, it is the first park encountered (and it makes a great intro park!). [enlarge]
The Great Escarpment
Lake Manyara is at the base of The Great Escarpment (part of which is seen here in this photo), one of the major structural faults created by the rifting of the Great Rift Valley. This part of the Escarpment is in Lake Manyara NP. [enlarge]
Sun and shade
Scenic byways wind their way through Lake Manyara NP. [enlarge]
The shady roads of Lake Manyara NP
A cool, lush, and shady forest is one of the beautiful features of Lake Manyara NP. This shot is taken from a 'pop-top' Safari vehicle. [enlarge]
Baboons everywhere
Many families of them were everywhere. [enlarge]
courtesy PChen
Young Elephant
Photographed just off one of the deep forest roads in the park. [enlarge]
An adult Baboon
Calmly watching the safari vehicle go by.... [enlarge]
A young Baboon
A young male baboon balances silently on a branch. [enlarge]
Elephant at Lake Manyara
An African Elephant eats some plants at Lake Manyara NP. [enlarge]
Lake Manyara NP grasslands
A beautiful scene - a lone tree, late-day light, and the expanse of Lake Manyara in the distance. [enlarge]
Giraffe on open grassland
The giraffe - a wonder of the animal world. Taken on a grassland bordering Lake Manyara. [enlarge]
Majestic Pair
Two Giraffes gracefully glide across the grass at Lake Manyara NP [enlarge]
Velvet Monkey
This is a Velvet Monkey (also known as the 'blue-balled' Monkey, for a very obvious reason). [enlarge]
Velvet Monkey
A shot showing why this creature is also called the Blue Ball Monkey. [enlarge]
Silvery-cheeked Hornbill
Many thanks to a Mr. Olson from Alaska for figuring out what this bird is! [enlarge]
Twisted Trunks
Twisted tree trunks glow in the light with Lake Manyara far in the distance behind. [enlarge]
Defensive Mother
A defensive Mother baboon guards her baby from another Baboon. [enlarge]
courtesy PChen
Lake Manyara NP Forest
Twisted, dark, lush forest section at Lake Manyara. [enlarge]
courtesy PChen
Gnarly Nasty Tree
This old tree is reminiscent of some Tolkienest horror from Fangorn forest! [enlarge]
A male Impala, looking quite regal with his elgant horns, approaches his herd of females. [enlarge]
Impala herd
A male Impala with several of his females. [enlarge]
Male and Female Impala
Taken at Lake Manyara NP. [enlarge]
Millions of Flamingoes
Literally millions (there are estimates that over a million inhabit the park) Pink Flamingoes of in the distance at Lake Manyara NP. [enlarge]
Lone Elephant at Lake Manyara
An Elephant grazes not far from the shore of the Alkaline Lake Manyara. [enlarge]
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