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These two pages are a tribute of sorts to our guides and porters. They were friendly, worked tirelessly, and, in general, made our climb a much more cushy experience than it would have been climbing without them! Although I only know the names of some of our porters, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them.

Note: if you see a thumbnail in this sub-report that has a color around it, it means that the image is an additional one that is not included in the main trip report.
courtesy PChen
Meeting Chombo for first time
Luckas, our assistant guide
Getting a ride to the Umbwe Gate
courtesy PChen
courtesy PChen
Porters organizing expedition
courtesy PChen
Chebe, side view
Shebe offering hot drinks
Loads on heads through the forest
courtesy CDoucet
Porters pass us
Chombo awaits
Chombo and giant plant
Michael and Chebe
Chombo ready for today's climb
Carrying up final steep slope to Lava Tower
Lunch at Lava Tower
Luckas assists in cooking
Our guides and porters at Lava Tower
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