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Video Clip Index
Video: A Morning at Barranco
This video clip covers the morning of our third day (location: Barranco Camp). Also, our short acclimatization hike is covered. (2 minutes, 3 seconds)
Video: An afternoon at Barranco
This video clip shows us at Barranco camp, resting, acclimatizing, and getting ready for the next day's climb. (1 minute, 5 seconds)
Video: Ascent to Lava Tower
This video clip covers the climb from the Barranco Camp to the Lava Tower Camp. (2 minutes, 6 seconds)
Video: Arrival at Lava Tower
This video clip covers our arrival at Lava Tower on the 4th day of the climb. (1 minute, 10 seconds)
Video: Acclimatization Day at Lava Tower
This video clip covers our acclimatization day at Lava Tower. (1 minute, 29 seconds)
Video: Pu's morning acclimatization update
Another in the series on how Pu's acclimatization is coming along. Taken on the morning of the 6th day of climbing, at Lava Tower campsite. (1 minute, 3 seconds)
Video: Another Breakfast at Lava Tower
Morning and breakfast scenes from our 6h day of climbing. Taken at the Lava Tower campsite. (1 minute, 34 seconds)
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