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Serengeti National Park
Serengeti National Park entrance sign
The serengeti area is the best known wildlife sanctuary in the world. It has the greatest concentration of game animals in all of Africa. It is famous for its massive migrating herds of wildebeest and zebra. The Serengeti is a land of vast, endless savannah in some areas, and lush, acacia-dotted rolling hills in others. [enlarge]
Serengeti NP Locator Map
Serengeti National Park is located in northwestern Tanzania, not far from Lake Victoria. It is often reached from the east via Arusha. Travelling to the park is a long and slow, since only have of the many-hundred kilometre drive is paved. [enlarge]
The wild serengeti
This picture captures the essence of majestic wildlife and the endless plains of the Serengeti. [enlarge]
Regal Impala
A regal impala in Serengeti NP. [enlarge]
An Acacia Tree
Symbol of the Serengeti and of East Africa in general, the Acacia is a very stately and elegant tree. [enlarge]
This small critter is known as a Dikdik. More specifically, a Kirk's Dikdik. It is a tiny antelope, not much bigger than a rabbit. [enlarge]
Giraffe on roadway
A shot of a Giraffe crossing a roadway in Serengeti NP. [enlarge]
Assortment of Hippos
Taken at a hippo pool at Serengeti NP [enlarge]
Hippo closeup
A hippopotamus closeup at Serengeti NP. [enlarge]
Grumpy grumpy hippos
Hippos seem to be very grumpy creatures and are always growling and yowling and generally causing a fuss with each other. [enlarge]
Hippo Battle
Two hippos spar with each other. [enlarge]
courtesy PChen
Emergant Hippo
Hippos usually only come out when its cloudy or nighttime. Pu has managed to capture this one outside early in the morning. [enlarge]
Velvet Monkey and child
A female Velvet Monkey and her child. [enlarge]
A hyena trots along at Serengeti NP. [enlarge]
African crocodile
Taken at Serengeti NP. [enlarge]
Road-crossing Turtle
A large turtle crosses a road in Serengeti NP. [enlarge]
Taken on the serengeti plain, Serengeti NP. [enlarge]
Giraffe closeup
A closeup of a giraffe at Serengeti NP. [enlarge]
How a Giraffe drinks
This is how a Giraffe drinks. It must contort itself into this very awkward position, during which time it is most vulnerable to attack. [enlarge]
Serengeti Elephant
Serengeti Elephant, closeup
Leopard in Acacia Tree
A rare sighting of a leopard. It is relaxing in an Acacia tree. Taken in Serengeti NP. [enlarge]
Leopard along roadway
A leopard gives us a last glance before disappearing into the bush. Taken at Serengeti NP. [enlarge]
Wildebeest on the plains
A herd of Wildebeest at Serengeti NP. [enlarge]
Acacia silhouettes at Serengeti
This picture captures the drama and mystique of the Serengeti. [enlarge]
courtesy PChen
Stark silhouette
Taken at Serengeti NP. [enlarge]
Giraffes on the open plain
A couple of Giraffes on the open plains of the Serengeti. [enlarge]
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