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The Mount Arrowsmith Hikes
Extra Images and Details
On these four pages, you'll find an in-depth spread of pictures covering our two days' worth of adventuring on Mount Arrowsmith. If you liked what you saw in the main narrative, then spend a few minutes looking at all of the extra images contained here. Extra images that were not in the main narrative are indicated by a color around the image thumbnail.
Arrowsmith from Gabriola Ferry
Mount Arrowsmith is easily observable from Gabriola Island, as can be seen in this shot taken from the Gabriola Island Ferry. [enlarge]
Cathedral Grove
The trusty old Toyota stopped for a pee-break (for the occupants) at Cathedral Grove near mount Arrowsmith. [enlarge]
Arrowsmith Skyline
A backlit view of Mount Arrowsmith from the northwest. [enlarge]
As you may have already read in the main narrative, we had a bit of trouble locating the Judges Route trailhead on the first day, and so we ended up climbing over 'the bumps' and up to the crux on the nose route. The trailhead we used was along the pass main logging road at a bend close to the Cokely-Arrowsmith saddle. A fairly recent side logging road heads up the drainage - this is the way to go.

Nose Route Trailhead
Here we are, parked at a trailhead along pass main. This is a trailhead that will allow us access to the ridge that leads to the nose on Mount Arrowsmith. [enlarge]
Forest and Peaks
A view up from the logged area on the trail to the Cokely-Arrowsmith Saddle. [enlarge]
A short ways up the side logging road, not long after a sharp bend, the trail heads off steeply up the slope through some mature forest.

Back down to the trailhead
A zoomed-in shot back down to the trailhead (you can clearly see the Toyota parked). We are at this point about halfway up to the Mount Cokely-Mount Arrowsmith saddle. [enlarge]
Father and Daughter
Taken along the trail to the Mt. Cokely-Mt Arrowsmith Saddle. [enlarge]
Looking back down-valley
Looking back down the valley we just climbed up. [enlarge]
Jenn ascends with peaks above
Jenn ascends the lightly-travelled path towards the Mt. Cokely-Mt. Arrowsmith saddle. [enlarge]
Beautiful Mature Forest
There are very nice open sections of forest in the mid-section of the trail leading up to the Mt. Cokely-Mt. Arrowsmith Saddle. [enlarge]
The saddle awaits
A view up towards the Mt. Cokely-Mt. Arrowsmith Saddle (which you can see in the upper center of the picture). [enlarge]
Approaching the alpine
A view back downvalley as we start to emerge into the alpine, near the Mt. Cokely-Mt. Arrowsmith saddle. [enlarge]
Clouds to the East
Lower-level clouds have built up on the eastern side of the Arrowsmith Massif. We are only just barely above them. [enlarge]
Reaching the Saddle
Jenn and her Dad reach the Mt. Cokely-Mt. Arrowsmith Saddle. From here, we'll head south (left) towards Mt. Arrowsmith. [enlarge]
Upon reaching the Cokely-Arrowsmith saddle, turn left (south) and hike along the ridge, over well-defined paths. Eventually the terrain becomes steeper, and some easy scrambling brings you to the top of the first 'bump'.

Looking south along ridge
This is a view south along a wide and broad section of the ridge leading towards 'the bumps' on Mt. Arrowmith. [enlarge]
Signs of Gabriola
Even here, far away from Gabriola, we find a flag with names of children from Gabriola on it. [enlarge]
Beautiful Alpine terrain
The trail now wanders along the broad ridge towards Arrowsmith. [enlarge]
Encroaching mist
The lower-level clouds start to creep up the forested sides of Mt. Arrowsmith. [enlarge]
The Bumps
These are the so-called 'bumps', situated to the north and west of Mt. Arrowsmith. We will have to traverse these bumps to get to Mt. Arrowsmith. [enlarge]
Hiking Along
Jenn and her Dad hiking along the route towards Mt. Arrowsmith. [enlarge]
White Intrusion
Jenn's Dad examines a large white intrusion in the bedrock of the Arrowsmith Massif. [enlarge]
Mount Arrowsmith
Barely visible in the clouds ahead is our objective, Mount Arrowsmith. Our route takes will take us along the ridgeline to the left, right up to the summit. [enlarge]
Mount Arrowsmith (Annotated)
Barely visible in the clouds ahead is our objective, Mount Arrowsmith. Our route takes will take us along the ridgeline to the left, right up to the summit. [enlarge]
The bumps have steep but fairly easily scrambleable notches between them. Follow the ridgeline, up and down over the bumps, until the final bump and notch below the steep narrow ridge of the sub-summit of Mount Arrowsmith itself.

Scrambling Inneses
Father and daughter scramble down one of 'the bumps' on the way to the Nose route on Mt. Arrowsmith. [enlarge]
Andrew takes a self-portrait of his cheek. [enlarge]
Scrambling through a notch
Taken on the way along 'the bumps' towards the nose route on Mt. Arrowsmith. [enlarge]
Narrow gulley
This is one of the steep and narrow gulleys separating 'the bumps'. [enlarge]
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