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Gabriola Island
Extra Images and Details
On these two pages, you'll find an more in-depth set of pictures that we took on Gabriola Island. If you liked what you saw in the main narrative, then spend a few minutes looking at all of the extra images contained here. Extra images that were not in the main narrative are indicated by a color around the image thumbnail.
Gabriola from the sky
a distant but distinct view of Gabriola Island from the plane before we land in Vancouver. Gabriola island is the low island in the foreground in front of Vancouver Island. [enlarge]
Entrance Island and the Innes residence
A unique view of both Entrance Island. In the background, the light can be seen reflecting off of the A-frame structure of Jenn's parents' house. Taken from the HarbourLynx ferry as it cruises by Gabriola Island on the way to Nanaimo. [enlarge]
courtesy PChen
The Gabriola Ferry
This is the ferry that runs between Nanaimo and Gabriola Island. It is called the Quinsam, and can take up to 70 cars [enlarge]
Scenic Berry Point Road
This is a scenic road that runs along the north coast of Gabriola Island. This shot was taken near Trudy and Gottfried's house (Jenn's Brother's Wife's Parents' place). [enlarge]
Sandwell Provincial Park
The fine sandy beach at Sandwell Provincial Park, only a few kilometres from Jenn's Parents' place. [enlarge]
A windy, spray-filled day
Jenn enjoys the bright, windy day on the shore near the Innes residence. [enlarge]
View to the south
A view along the coast at low tide from in front of the Innes residence. [enlarge]
Andrew, eh?
A shot of Andrew with one of his typical weirdo faces. [enlarge]
Tidal Pool
A crisp and clean-looking tidal pool awaits the return of the tide. [enlarge]
Jenn wanders the low-tide beach in front of the house. Note the purple starfish in the foreground. [enlarge]
Trail in Sandwell
This is one of the trails in Sandwell Provincial park. This particular trail leads down to the beach. [enlarge]
Exploring the Beach
Jenn wanders around on the Beach at Sandwell Provincial Park. [enlarge]
Jenn at Sandwell
Jenn at Sandwell provincial Park [enlarge]
Sand, Boulder, Seaweed
Taken at Sandwell Provincial Park [enlarge]
Relaxing in the slime
A pretty pink starfish rests on a bed of slimey green seaweed on the shore in front of the Innes residence. [enlarge]
A Crab Shell
Jenn shows off her marine knowledge once again with a detailed analsysis of this crab shell. [enlarge]
Gabriola Island Petroglyphs
This is the slowly degrading sign that sits behind the Gabriola United Church. It marks the start of a trail that leads to a forest site containing many interesting aboriginal petroglyphs. [enlarge]
Three-eyed Alien?
A strange three-eyed creature carved into the rock on Gabriola Island. [enlarge]
Gabriola Petroglyphs
Funny-looking guy there on the bottom! [enlarge]
Whale-like creature
A whale-like creature carved into the rock. [enlarge]
A million suckers
Jenn shows off the underside of a purple starfish. [enlarge]
Boots for Scale
I've stuck Jenn's boots into a picture of the petroglyphs to give you an idea of scale. [enlarge]
Island Skyscape
Floatplanes are a familiar sight in the sky above Gabriola. [enlarge]
Spine of Rock
A ridge of rock extends out into the ocean near alligator rock (near the Innes residence), on Gabriola Island. [enlarge]
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