On this page, you'll find an more in-depth set of pictures that Pu and I took in Vancouver, before our visit to Vancouver Island. If you liked the few pictures you of Vancouver in the main narrative, then spend a few minutes looking at the extra images contained here. Extra images that were not in the main narrative are indicated by a color around the image thumbnail.
Drawfed against the clouds
A passenger jet flight leaves Vancouver airspace, against a grand backdrop of sunlit clouds and shadowy mountains. [enlarge]
West Coast Scenery
The view out of our Westjet Boeing 737-700... with the mountains and islands of the straight of Georgia below. [enlarge]
Canada's Western Jewel
A view of downtown Vancouver from the air. [enlarge]
Chinese Dinner
We are treated to some wonderful impromptu Chinese food at Shirley's Aunt's house. [enlarge]
Granville Island
This is the entrance to Granville Island. As you can see, the entrance is directly underneath the Granville Island bridge. [enlarge]
A bridge as art
The overarching structure of the Granville Island bridge adds a bit of industrial decor to the trendy shops of the Granville Island area. [enlarge]
Angles in Steel
A closeup of the bridgework of the Granville Island bridge. [enlarge]
Capturing Pu Capturing
Pu is delighted with the artistic photo possibilities of the Granville Island market area. [enlarge]
courtesy PChen
What Pu Captured
An artistic photo possibility, made reality by Pu. Taken in the Granville Island Market. [enlarge]
Downtown apartment complexes
A view of the apartment buildings of downtown Vancouver from the Granville Island area. [enlarge]
False Creek Dragonboat
A dragonboat practice session in False Creek. [enlarge]
Preparing to Busker
A busker preparse to belt out his tunes at the Granville Island Market. [enlarge]
courtesy PChen
Market Produce
Some Granville Island Market produce. [enlarge]
Patient Scavengers
Two seagulls patiently await some handouts. [enlarge]
The Speedbird Arrives
A british airways 747-400 arrives from some intercontinental locale. [enlarge]
Pu in his element
Pu is enjoying his walk around Granville Island. [enlarge]
A stroll on Davie Street
Pu and Shirley enjoy a walk along Davie street in downtown Vancouver. [enlarge]
English Bay Park
We take a short stroll along English Bay Park and on into Stanley Park. [enlarge]
Canada Place
A view of Canada Place in downtown Vancouver from the HarbourLynx Ferry. [enlarge]
Cruise ship at Canada Place
A large cruise liner docks at scenic Canada Place in downtown Vancouver. [enlarge]
The Lion Streaks across the sky
A view of the Lion's gate bridge from the HarbourLynx ferry, as it crosses underneath. Stanley Park is the land you see in the background. [enlarge]

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