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The Imani Beach Villa

While visiting Zanzibar, we stayed at a quiet villa situated right on the Indian Ocean about 10km north of the main town of Stone Town. The Imani Beach Villa is an eclectic, small and unique place to stay.
Location of Imani Beach Villa
An aerial annotated view, showing the location of the Imani Beach villa and its 'Annex'. [enlarge]
Main entrance, Imani Beach Villa.
Main Foyer
This is the main foyer of the Imani Beach Villa. [enlarge]
Imani's restaurant
This is the open-air restaurant at the Imani Beach Villa. [enlarge]
A premium room
A well-furnished (look at the nice King-sized bed) room at the Imani Beach villa (main building). [enlarge]
Heading to the Annex
Markus heads up the beach to where the 'annex' of the Imani Beach villa is located. [enlarge]
Imani Beach Villa 'Annex'
This is the walkway leading from the beach to the Imani Beach Villa's 'annex' building. [enlarge]
Imani Beach Villa 'annex'
The 'annex' is a beautiful little house with 4 bedrooms. [enlarge]
Living room of the 'annex'
Our beachfront
This is the beach just in front of the Imani Beach Villa's 'annex' [enlarge]
Local fisherboats outside the 'annex'
The beach outside the 'annex' has many local dugouts and quaint fishing boats. [enlarge]
Old Sultan's Palace
Right next to the Imani Beach Villa 'annex' is this old Sultan's Palace ruin. [enlarge]
Moonset over Indian Ocean
A crescent moon sets over the Indian ocean off of Zanzibar. [enlarge]

Zanzibar is a fascinating place! For more information, see the following websites below:

Zanzibar is a fascinating place! For more information, see the following websites below:
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