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Stone Town

Stone Town is the 'capital' of Zanzibar, and its largest town. It is a place of narrow, winding streets (most of which are too narrow for cars), busy marketplaces, and grand Arab houses. The town has a grandly delapidated feel to it. It has changed little in 200 years, since the times when Trade Sultans ruled from palaces.

Stone town is a place where cultures have mixed and live harmoniously together. The historic and cultural significance of the town is such that it was declared a UNESCO world heritage site.
Daladala transport
This is the local bus service, known as the Daladala service. Here, the conductor is picking up payment for the ride. [enlarge]
The walls of Stone Town
An elderly lady relaxes in the doorway of her house, Stone Town, Zanzibar. [enlarge]
Narrow streets
Narrow street, Stone Town, Zanzibar. [enlarge]
Beachfront in Stone Town
This is a section of Beach near the very center of Stone Town, Zanzibar. [enlarge]
A regal oldness
Much of Stone Town is run-down looking, but in a stylish, ambiance-filled kind of way. [enlarge]
Market alleyway
A busy alleyway with fresh fruit being sold, Stone Town, Zanzibar. [enlarge]
Apples for sale, Stone Town
Locals in downtown market
Some locals chat in a downtown market in Stone Town, Zanzibar. [enlarge]
Gateway in Old Fort
An arabic-style gateway in the Old Arab Fort, Stone Town, Zanzibar. [enlarge]
House of Wonders
A grand building built for a Sultan of the 1800s. Now a national museum. [enlarge]
House of Wonders Entrance
The entrance door and sign to the House of Wonders, aka Beit al-Ajaib. [enlarge]
Interior, House of Wonders
Stone town from above
A view of downtown Stone Town, as seen from high up in the House of Wonders. The Arab Fort can be seen in the foreground. [enlarge]
Arab Fort
The Arab Fort, as seen from the House of Wonders, Stone Town, Zanzibar. [enlarge]
Indian ocean from House of Wonders
A neat view of craft out on the ocean outside of Stone Town. Taken from the top tier of the House of Wonders. [enlarge]
Carved doors of Zanzibar
This is a carved door at the house of wonders. There are many carved doors throught Stone Town... sort of a fashionable keep up with the Jones in ancient Stone Town. [enlarge]
Carved Door Closeup
Decaying Facade
This rundown building facade actually looks quite striking in this photograph. [enlarge]
Islamic school
An islamic school, Stone Town, Zanzibar. [enlarge]
StoneTown City street.
An elegant Stone Town building
I'm not sure what this is, but it is in much better shape than most of the buildings in Stone Town. [enlarge]
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