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Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Ngorongoro Conservation Area
The Ngorongoro Crater (seen in this picture) is but a part of the larger Ngorongoro Conservation Area. It is an area which comprises several significant physical and natural environments and archeological areas.

A large permanent concentration of wild animals can be found in the huge and perfect crater of Ngorongoro (Ngorongoro crater is the largest unbroken, unflooded crater in the world). Nearby, the crater of Empakaai, filled by a deep lake, and the active volcano of Oldoinyo Lengai can be seen.

Excavations carried out in the Olduvai gorge, also in the conservation area, have resulted in the discovery of one of our more distant ancestors, Homo habilis. Laitoli Site, which also lies within the area, is one of the main localities of early hominid footprints, dating back 3.6 million years. [info partially from UNESCO world heritage web page - Ngorongoro CA is a UNESCO world heritage site] [enlarge]
Descent into the Crater
This is a shot taken on the descent road into the crater from its western side. The lake you see in the crater is known as Lake Magadi, and is an alkali lake, owing to the fact that it has no outlet and therefore has concentrated levels of evaporites. [enlarge]
Ngorongoro Conservation Area Locator Map
Ngorongoro crater and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area is located about 3 hours drive west of Arusha, Tazania, and is situated between Serengeti NP and Lake Manyara NP. [enlarge]
The fringes of the Lerai forest
This is a view near the Lerai forest, crater floor, Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
Bull Elephants
Two giant tusker bull elephants forage in the Lerai Forest in Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
Giant Tusker Bull Elephant
Taken at the edge of the Lerai Forest, Ngorongoro crater floor. [enlarge]
Birds at Simba Camp
Shot of birds taken at Simba Camp, Ngorongoro crater rim. [enlarge]
Some sort of Stork?
Couldn't find out what this was... taken at Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
Grey-Crowned Crane
Taken at Ngorongoro Crater. Detailed info here [enlarge]
A Thompson's Gazelle
A Thompson's Gazelle. A member of the antelope family. Shot taken on the open grasslands of the Ngorongoro crater floor. [enlarge]
A Grant's Gazelle
Another of the Antelope family. This guy is larger than the Thompson's Gazelle. [enlarge]
After much investigation, I'm pretty sure this is a Hartebeest. Taken on the ngorongoro crater floor. [enlarge]
Elephants on the plains
The crater rim rises in the background as three elephants graze. The ascent road can be seen switchbacking up in the background. [enlarge]
courtesy PChen
Wildebeest on the move
A pair of Wildebeest amble along at Ngorongoro crater [enlarge]
Helmeted Guineafowl
Looks a bit like a done up chicken! Taken near the hippo pool in Ngorongoro crater. More info available here. [enlarge]
A chewing zebra regards me at Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
Grazing Zebra at Ngorongoro
As you can see, there are many Zebras here at ngorongoro. [enlarge]
Trotting Zebra
Taken at Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
Rhino are very rare, and endangered. I recall hearing that only 50 remained in Tanzania. Here's an example of one! Taken at Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
Safariing in Ngorongoro Crater
This is what it is like to safari at Ngorongoro. Huge vistas and dusty gravel paths, and 4x4 safari vehicles. You can see the rim of the crater in the distance. [enlarge]
Little Scavenger
Not sure what this guy is, but he sure was bold, and tried to steal our food - here he is after grabbing some left-behind crumbs. [enlarge]
Momma and junior Hippos
A mother and child pair of Hippopotamus at the hippo pool, Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
Lion Cub
Closeup of a Lion Cub, Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
Lion Cub
Closeup of Lion Cub, Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
Lion Cub
Closeup of Lion Cub, ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
Lion Cub
Taken at Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
courtesy PChen
Relaxed cats
Two very relaxed lions lounge about on the floor of Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
Lion couple
A male and female lion saunter along at Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
Lion couple
A male and female lion saunter along at Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
Ngorongoro vista
one of the many beautiful vistas available from the floor of Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
courtesy PChen
Annotated 3d map
An annotated version of a park 3d map, showing our route through the park. [enlarge]
Zebras in green vista
Taken on the floor of Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
An adult warthog at Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
Female Ostrich
A femal ostrich on the crater floor at Ngorongoro. [enlarge]
Male Ostrich
A male ostrich with its impossibly small head bobs along at Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
Blue Wildebeest
A rather strange looking beast. Taken at Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
Massive Wildebeest herd.
A typical scene at Ngorongoro crater. Thousands of animals as far as the eye can see. [enlarge]
Ngorongoro Vista
one of the many beautiful vistas available from the floor of Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
Cape Buffalo
Huge, two ton beasts. One of these threatened Pu at our campsite! Taken at Ngorongoro crater. [enlarge]
A Jackal
This creature turned out to be quite a bit smaller than I imagined a jackal to be. [enlarge]
Zebras and lake
A wonderful view of some zebras and lake Magadi in the backgound. The little pink dots in the lake are thousands of Pink Flamingoes. A rugged part of Ngorongoro crater's rim is in the background. [enlarge]
Female Ostrich
A femal ostrich on the crater floor at Ngorongoro. [enlarge]
Ngorongoro at sunset
A wonderful view of Ngorongoro from the drive back up to the crater rim. [enlarge]
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