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Rocky Peak
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Rocky Peak

Elevation: 4420' (1347m)
Officially trailled
Location: N44.1544 W73.7055 (WGS84)
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Rocky Peak is most easterly of the Adirondack 46. It is an excellent summit for views, offering an open top and good views to the east towards Lake Champlain and Vermont, and to the west of the somewhat distant High Peaks. Rocky Peak is best done as a traverse, starting from the east near the New Russia and ending at the Giant Mountain trailhead south of St. Huberts. This traverse is extremely interesting: there are countless knobs and lookouts and bare sub-peaks, a high 4000-foot lake, open alpine terrain, and many sections of beautiful trail through the forested sections. An excellent fall or winter hike!

Andrew's climb logs of Rocky Peak: [Oct. 2, 1999], [Jul. 12, 2003], [Jan. 10, 2004], [Dec. 26, 2007], [Sep. 20, 2008], [Sep. 11, 2010], [Apr. 19, 2015]

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