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We wanted to take advantage of a nice and clear winter weekend day that had presented itself to us after so many weeks of very wet and soggy conditions. I'd always wanted to do the Rocky Peak Traverse in winter, and I wanted to do it when it was nice and clear. So, this seemed the perfect day, albeit a little bit on the cold side: the forecast for the day was in the -25C range without wind chill!
Packed for Winter
Whiteface Sunrise
Parking at the end
courtesy markus
Cliffs below Nubble
Prepping for hike start
The Big Freeze
Luc at first lookout
Pu at first lookout
Markus at first lookout
Untouched trail
Sunny winter trekking
Many open clearings
courtesy markus
Bald Peak
Critters in the snow
Andrew Proof shot
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