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GPS Data

This page contains GPS co-ordinate data for the summits of the Adirondack 46, as well as a set of GPS tracklogs for ascents of various peaks. I do not have tracklogs for climbs and hikes from before the summer of 2001 (when I first got my GPS unit).

All of the data presented here is of a format used by a shareware GPS utility program called 'GPS Utility', and available at http://www.gpsu.co.uk. In addition, the tracks are also available in the more standard ".gpx" format, readable by almost any GPS software.

GPS Tracklogs for Climbs of Adirondack Peaks (not a complete set)

Please note that the above link goes to hierarchy of folders with only the bare tracklogs (in both .gpx and GPSUtility .txt formats). If you would like to see the tracks rendered together on a web page with a trip report and images (which is often very useful for establishing context), then you should browse through my list of Adirondack Trip Reports. Each report has a link to the GPS track(s) associated with that report in the left-hand sidebar.

Co-ordinates of the Adirondack 46 (WGS-84 Map Datum):

F ID------ Latitude Longitude Symbol------------- T O
W 01 N44.113000 W073.924000 Waypoint - E MARCY
W 02 N44.144000 W073.987000 Waypoint - E ALGONQUIN
W 03 N44.106000 W073.901000 Waypoint - E HAYSTACK
W 04 N44.099000 W073.931000 Waypoint - E SKYLIGHT
W 05 N44.366000 W073.903000 Waypoint - E WHITEFACE
W 06 N44.082400 W073.786700 Waypoint - E DIX
W 07 N44.111000 W073.935000 Waypoint - E GRAY
W 08 N44.137000 W073.999000 Waypoint - E IROQUOIS
W 09 N44.121000 W073.887000 Waypoint - E BASIN
W 10 N44.128000 W073.858000 Waypoint - E GOTHICS
W 11 N44.127000 W073.960000 Waypoint - E COLDEN
W 12 N44.161300 W073.720400 Waypoint - E GIANT
W 13 N44.089000 W073.816000 Waypoint - E NIPPLETOP
W 14 N44.082000 W074.131000 Waypoint - E SANTANONI
W 15 N44.095000 W073.950000 Waypoint - E REDFIELD
W 16 N44.152000 W073.981000 Waypoint - E WRIGHT
W 17 N44.126000 W073.875000 Waypoint - E SADDLEBACK
W 18 N44.098000 W074.133000 Waypoint - E PANTHER
W 19 N44.140600 W073.916400 Waypoint - E TABLETOP
W 20 N44.154400 W073.705500 Waypoint - E ROCKY PEAK
W 21 N44.052000 W073.781000 Waypoint - E MACOMB
W 22 N44.134600 W073.849700 Waypoint - E ARMSTRONG
W 23 N44.069000 W073.778000 Waypoint - E HOUGH PEAK
W 24 N44.159800 W074.199300 Waypoint - E SEWARD
W 25 N44.127600 W074.011800 Waypoint - E MARSHALL
W 26 N44.070900 W073.939900 Waypoint - E ALLEN
W 27 N44.182300 W073.870400 Waypoint - E BIG SLIDE
W 28 N44.387200 W073.889900 Waypoint - E ESTHER
W 29 N44.140400 W073.845300 Waypoint - E UPPER WOLFJAW
W 30 N44.148400 W073.832600 Waypoint - E LOWER WOLFJAW
W 31 N44.179430 W074.026960 Waypoint - E STREET
W 32 N44.157000 W073.921000 Waypoint - E PHELPS
W 33 N44.154000 W074.211600 Waypoint - E DONALDSON
W 34 N44.158000 W074.172600 Waypoint - E SEYMOUR
W 35 N44.113900 W073.850400 Waypoint - E SAWTEETH
W 36 N44.218700 W073.860100 Waypoint - E CASCADE
W 37 N44.060100 W073.774300 Waypoint - E SOUTH DIX
W 38 N44.212400 W073.853800 Waypoint - E PORTER MOUNTAIN
W 39 N44.093900 W073.834300 Waypoint - E COLVIN
W 40 N44.143800 W074.214300 Waypoint - E EMMONS
W 41 N44.105900 W073.796000 Waypoint - E DIAL
W 42 N44.065300 W073.757400 Waypoint - E EAST DIX
W 43 N44.081300 W073.844500 Waypoint - E BLAKE
W 44 N44.103100 W073.975100 Waypoint - E CLIFF
W 45 N44.187200 W074.023840 Waypoint - E NYE
W 46 N44.095500 W074.160300 Waypoint - E COUCHSACHRAGA

Garmin Mapsource Waypoint file, Adirondack 46 and major trailheads

GPS Utility Waypoint file, Adirondack 46 and major trailheads (www.gpsu.co.uk)

.gpx format Waypoint file, Adirondack 46 and major trailheads

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